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ECONOMY | 12.02.2021

Coronavirus: financial analysis XLIII

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Huertas: “We’ve managed to overcome all obstacles and finish the year with excellent results”

Antonio Huertas, chairman and CEO of MAPFRE, assesses the Group’s 2020 results, a particularly difficult year as a result of the pandemic. Despite this, the company reported operating earnings of 658 million euros, in line with the figure achieved a year earlier, and underpinned by a very solid result in the second half of the year.

Social commitment is critical, now more than ever

This article examines a series of indicators, such as commitment to ESG, employment and diversity, which corroborate that MAPFRE has managed to hold firm to its social commitment despite the complicated context in which the business has been operating over the past year.

What the Sustainability Year Book rewards

MAPFRE has been included for the second consecutive year in S&P’s Sustainability Yearbook 2021. This study answers two questions: Which companies, sectors and regions show the most responsibility toward society and the planet? Why do some organizations believe in ethics, equality, ecology and prosperity as basic business principles rather than simply serving shareholders and maximizing profits? The answers are illuminating.

From Discovery to Coke: companies taking the long-term view to creating shareholder value

In a piece in Forbes magazine, Jonathan Boyar, president of Boyar Research, discusses two companies that have defied Wall Street’s short-termism to try and create long-term value (Discovery and Coke). Both companies are represented in the MAPFRE AM US Forgotten Value, a fund that has emerged from the alliance between MAPFRE AM and Boyar.

“With serious investment philosophies, assets as volatile as cryptocurrencies must not be purchased”

Cryptocurrencies continue to enjoy their curious moment in the sun, which makes supervisors and regulators uncomfortable. In an interview on Spain’s Radio Intereconomía, Alberto Matellán, chief economist at MAPFRE Inversión, offers his opinion on investing in this type of asset. He also analyzes the macroeconomic context and the evolution of financial markets.


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