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Madrid 2,16 EUR 0,01 (0,56 %)

What is MAPFRE Economics?

MAPFRE Economics was created with the aim of becoming a benchmark in public debates on Insurance and Social Security, Macroeconomics and Finance, and Regulation.

With the creation of MAPFRE Economics in October 2015, MAPFRE wants to contribute to the general economic debate, as well as to discussions related to the financial system, the insurance sector and the framework of prudential regulation.

Thus, the work of MAPFRE Economics focuses on three areas. One of them is the area of economic and financial analysis through monitoring the main macroeconomic and financial variables, with special emphasis on their impact on the insurance industry. The other one can be seen in carrying out studies regarding sectoral matters including elaboration of research on topics related to insurance, reinsurance and complementary social security, among others. Finally, the third area includes preparation of analysis with respect to the regulation to which financial activities are subject.

The team of MAPFRE Economics

MAPFRE Economics organically depends on the First Vice-President. It is composed of a team of researchers and analysts with extensive experience and knowledge in the research areas.

Manuel Aguilera Verduzco

General Manager

Gonzalo de Cadenas Santiago

Gonzalo de Cadenas Santiago

Director of Macroeconomics and Financial Analysis

Ricardo González García

Director of Analysis, Sectoral Research and Regulation

José Brito Correia

Isabel Carrasco Carrascal

Eduardo García Castro

Begoña González García

Rafael Izquierdo Carrasco

Fernando Mateo Calle

Ángela Parra Sabido

Johannes Rojas Díaz