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Madrid 2,13 EUR -0,01 (-0,37 %)

ECONOMY | 07.30.2020

Coronavirus: financial analysis XX

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The key to the European agreement doesn’t lie in the European agreement

The historic agreement recently reached by the European Union will have important implications for investments in euros. Alberto Matellán, chief economist of MAPFRE Inversión, lists in this article, published in CincoDias, the factors that will benefit assets denominated in this currency.

Deciphering the “new normal”: utilities gain appeal in the face of support for the energy transition

The subsequent phase of reconstruction and recovery will affect some sectors differently from others in the stock market. Pablo González, equity manager at MAPFRE AM, explains in this article why groups exposed to the energy transition, and mainly renewable energy developers, may benefit particularly.

Investors expect pandemic to create vintage private equity opportunities

Private banks, who were already promoting private equity before Covid-19 hit, now see even more opportunities in the sector as a result of depressed company valuations. Jose Luis Jiménez, MAPFRE Group Chief Investment Officer, offers his vision in this article published in Professional Wealth Management.

Active management is now of vital importance

Market volatility can be a good opportunity for investors who have a good advisor. This is the opinion of Daniel Sancho, head of investments at MAPFRE Gestión Patrimonial. In this interview he analyses the latest macroeconomic data and offers his recommendations in an environment of great uncertainty.

Technical profitability of MAPFRE insurance business improves

The company’s first half results, published on July 24th, have shown the impact of the economic crisis caused by the Covid on MAPFRE’s accounts. However, these data hide a substantial improvement in the technical profitability of the company’s insurance business.