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Madrid 2,228 EUR 0,03 (+1,55 %)


We’re transforming our products and investments

In order to achieve the global objectives set down in the 2030 Agenda, every company must tackle and take ownership of shared challenges, integrating them into their business.

At MAPFRE, we’ve undertaken challenging and unequivocal public commitments on social and environmental matters, developing products and services aligned with them, and we’re committed to socially responsible investing and sustainable underwriting.

We are building a sustainable future.


Our lines of action

Sostenibilidad en el seguro 520

Insurance sustainability

We develop insurance services and products aligned with our social and environmental commitments and underwriting processes that contribute to achieving the change we seek to be a part of.

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Inversion socialmente responsable 520

Socially Responsible Investment

We want to promote transparency and dialogue from the inside out, with all those who, like us, want to be part of this change.

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Integración recomendaciones TCFD 520

Climate Change Risks and Opportunities in Business

We develop tools to measure and analyze the climate impact and provide different scenarios to facilitate underwriting decisions, including TFCD recommendations.