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ECONOMY | 08.27.2020

Coronavirus: financial analysis XXI

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Rethinking the crisis globally

The crisis caused by the pandemic is very different from those that economists have studied for years. In this article, Manuel Aguilera, General Director of MAPFRE Economics, analyzes possible measures that will enable us to overcome this unusual and complex situation. In his opinion, the ‘post-pandemic’ economy will require new forms of organization and international cooperation.

Legitimacy and credibility at the gates of the new wave

The economies hit by COVID-19 will face a scenario of lower growth, more inequality and greater political and social fragility. Gonzalo de Cadenas-Santiago, Director of Macroeconomic and Financial Analysis at MAPFRE Economics, believes that the worst could be yet to come and that it is no longer a question of quantifying a response, but rather of ensuring that the response model for the second wave is adequate.

The success of Olympique de Lyon: The Champions League and Behavioral Finance

Olympique de Lyon lost the semi-finals of the competition, but was rewarded by the stock market. The MAPFRE AM Behavioral Fund, a fund that bases its strategy on the study of Behavioral Finance, has this stock in its portfolio. Fund manager Luis Garcia justifies the reasons for investing in the club, always taking a long-term view shored up by in-depth analysis.

“August movements were accentuated by various events, but we mustn’t lose sight of the long-term vision”

The markets are wandering aimlessly and any news about the evolution of COVID-19 or possible vaccines is causing strong swings. Alberto Matellán, chief economist at MAPFRE Inversión, analyzes the main events of the week, such as the Jackson Hole meeting or the new tensions between the United States and China.