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Madrid 1,859 EUR -0,02 (-0,91 %)

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Solvency Data 2021

The Group Solvency and Financial Condition Report (SFCR) for 2022 is expected to be published on May 22, 2023. 

Below you can find the Solvency and Financial Condition Report (SFCR) for 2021, as required by Law 20/2015 of 14 July, on the management, supervision and solvency of insurers and reinsurers, along with the KPMG’s review report of said SFCR.

The SFCR offers information in both quantitative and qualitative terms, regarding the Company’s solvency condition and its risk management system. The report is divided into five sections, analyzing the Company’s business activity and performance, its system of governance, risk profile, asset and liability valuation for Solvency purposes, as well as capital management.

Previous years

Insurance Stress Test Indicators 2018

The 2018 Insurance Stress Test results of MAPFRE (the “Group”) are based on data and information (the “Data”) provided by the Group to the national authority competent for its supervision (the “national supervisory authority”). The Data has been provided to the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) in accordance with Regulation (EU) 1094/2010. EIOPA is not liable for errors or discrepancies of the Data.

MAPFRE participated in the stress test carried out by EIOPA in 2018 with the aim of analyzing the stability of the European financial system. MAPFRE’s results, which have been published by EIOPA, are provided in detail in the attached document.

Once again, the extraordinary solvency position of MAPFRE Group has been reaffirmed in the face of three strict scenarios. In the scenario with the greatest impact, MAPFRE maintains a solvency result of 152.1% over the SCR (solvency capital requirement). This result is a 48.1 percentage point reduction on MAPFRE’s base solvency scenario which at December 31 2017, stands at 200.2%.

Insurance Stress Test Indicators 2018 (.PDF; 75,7 KB)