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Madrid 2,13 EUR -0,01 (-0,37 %)

ECONOMY | 06.25.2020

Coronavirus: financial analysis XV

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The reverse mortgage, an alternative to supplement retirement pensions

Reverse mortgages are financial transactions specially designed for people over 65 and dependents, making it possible to convert the equity value of homeownership into money. This article looks at the characteristics of reverse mortgages, the different types available and the situation in each country, based on a recent report by MAPFRE Economics.

The potential for life insurance in Mexico

The insurance market in Mexico has a lot of potential, due to the low penetration in relation to other countries. Jesús Martínez Castellanos, CEO of Latam Norte and Mexico, analyzed the changes needed to encourage the development of life insurance and explained how to improve the environment for Mexicans to choose life insurance as a savings instrument.

MAPFRE commits to private equity

MAPFRE is developing its strategy for alternative investment — specifically in private equity. Together with Abante and Altamar, it has launched a fund of funds in which the insurance group is committing equity totaling 250 million euros. This note explains the main features of the investment vehicle.

The important role of private capital in the post-COVID era

Private capital has a record amount of available investment resources and opportunities are expected to emerge after the pandemic. Miguel Blasco, Equity Portfolio Manager at MAPFRE, discusses the sector in this article, published the same week the insurance group made a big commitment to it by launching a fund of funds.

“Good investment lets you sleep easy”

Investors are worried about further outbreaks, the possibility of which will affect stock exchange trends in the weeks to come. Alberto Matellán, Chief Economist at MAPFRE Inversión, analyzes the latest macroeconomic data and offers his recommendations for investors in this complicated scenario.

“Over the past three months, we have mastered how to deal with emotions”

MAPFRE AM manager, Luis García, explains the importance of controlling emotions when making investment decisions for Zonavalue. It is one of the keys to the MAPFRE Behavioral Fund strategy, a behavioral economics fund aimed at exploiting inefficiencies caused by market participant behavior.