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Attempted fraud at MAPFRE


MAPFRE would like to warn you about cases of attempted fraud in which the company’s prestige and trade name are improperly used and that have nothing to do with the company.

  1. Mass mailing campaigns have been detected that are carried out by organizations using the MAPFRE brand to announce large lottery winnings that cannot be collected until certain taxes, expenses, etc. have been paid in advance. Sometimes, these communications mention renowned lotteries (“el Gordo”, “la Primitiva”, etc.) and other prestigious financial institutions. These communications tell the recipient to contact cell phone numbers or post office boxes that are ultimately false.
  1. It has also been found that several websites (,, and email addresses (,, and seguroshogarmapfre@gmcom) are being used that have no connection to MAPFRE. MAPFRE’s name is being used unlawfully and with fraudulent intentions by third parties, offering cell phones, laptops, video cameras, etc., in exchange for payment in advance for the item, which is ultimately never delivered. Alternatively, these websites request users to submit their personal documentation as a prerequisite for renting a home.
  1. It has also been reported that mass email campaigns have been organized, targeting people residing abroad offering fake jobs with MAPFRE in Spain, without the need for any prior interview, in which recipients are asked to contact an agency (for example, Zicasso Travels) to process the job offer and make payments in advance for work permits that are required to secure the job offers, which as we have said, are completely fake and non-existent.

MAPFRE has reported these events to the State Security Forces, warning our customers and the general public that they must exercise extreme caution, refrain from making any payment or providing personal information without first ascertaining the actual identity of the person requesting it or whether they are acting on behalf of the company. To this end, please remember that the payments to be made must always be made pursuant to the provisions of the corresponding contracts and insurance policies. The same also applies to the delivery of any personal information, using the usual channels established for this purpose.