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Other relevant information

In this section, you can find the other relevant financial and corporate information filed with the Spanish National Securities and Exchange Commission (CNMV) by MAPFRE, in line with the current Spanish legislation.

The company guarantees that these documents are in all respects identical to those filed with the Spanish National Securities and Exchange Commission, either by the company itself or by third parties, whenever, regarding the latter, they were released by MAPFRE. These documents can also be found on the CNMV website.

For documents corresponding to years prior to 2020, please see the Archive of relevant facts on our website.

Financial year 2020

(12.2020) Details of interim dividend 2020

(12.2020) Information on the Solvency ratio

(10.2020) Press release 3Q 2020 results

(10.2020) Results presentation 3Q 2020

(10.2020) Financial information 3Q 2020

(10.2020) Information regarding the 2020 interim dividend

(10.2020) 3Q 2020 Results webcast announcement

(10.2020) Standard & Poor’s reaffirms MAPFRE’s rating

(09.2020) Fitch reaffirms MAPFRE’s rating

(09.2020) Appointments agreed by the Board of Directors

(07.2020) Press release first half 2020 results

(07.2020) Results presentation 2Q 2020

(07.2020) Financial information 2Q 2020

(07.2020) Market consistent embedded value 2019

(07.2020) 2Q 2020 Results webcast announcement

(06.2020) Information on final dividend

(06.2020) Information on the Solvency ratio

(05.2020) Financial report 1Q 2020

(05.2020) Information regarding first quarter 2020 results

(05.2020) Preliminary results 1Q 2020

(05.2020) Preliminary results 1Q 2020 webcast announcement

(04.2020) Announcement of final dividend

(04.2020) Fitch reaffirms MAPFRE’s rating

(03.2020) AGM – Approval of proposals

(03.2020) AGM – Chairman and CEO’s report

(03.2020) AGM – Press release

(02.2020) Annual Report on Remuneration to Directors 2019

(02.2020) Corporate Governance Annual Report 2019

(02.2020) Press release results 2019

(02.2020) Second half financial information 2019

(02.2020) Results presentation 2019

(02.2020) Financial report 2019

(02.2020) Press presentation 2019 results

(02.2020) Appointment agreed by the Board of Directors

(02.2020) Calling of the Annual General Meeting

(02.2020) Resolutions proposed to the AGM

(02.2020) Fourth quarter results webcast announcement