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We act to protect our planet

We’re facing a climate emergency that places us at a decisive moment if we want to avoid irreversible change to the planet. The scarcity of resources, depletion of ecosystems, and impact on biodiversity threaten not only the irrecoverable loss of natural wealth, but also our health and our social welfare model. When each of us is playing our part, we can overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

To be part of the change, we have to take action. Small actions in our own lives can have a big impact on the world and our future.

Actuamos para proteger nuestro planeta398

Our lines of action

Gobierno y estrategia520

Environmental management

We’re defining environmental principles and commitments to prevent and minimize the company’s impact on the environment that are focused on creating long-term value for our main stakeholders.

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Cambio climático520

Climate Change

We want to be an active part of the transformation to a low-carbon economy, working to achieve climate neutrality by identifying sustainable development opportunities for the insurance business.

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Huella ambiental520

Environmental footprint

We strive to reduce our impact on the planet and undertake initiatives to minimize our environmental footprint.

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Economía circular520

Circular Economy

We’re making the transition to the circular economy from an internal perspective by reflecting on our own activity and taking direct action in the business through various projects. Economic growth must be responsible and sustainable.

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Capital natural520

Natural Capital

Biodiversity is vital for life on the planet, social well-being, and economic development. We’re incorporating natural capital management and biodiversity conservation into the company’s strategy.

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