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Corporate Governance

MAPFRE Corporate Governance is the set of the principles and standards that guarantee an adequate management and control, with the full participation of the directors and managers in decision making for the company’s orderly development. Further, the regulations and practices of good governance will always be aligned with legal requirements and with – save for duly justified exceptions – the recommendations of the authorities of each country.

With the aim of increasing the transparency of these principles, in this section you can access the relevant documents and information, and learn about the Corporate Governance policies that regulate MAPFRE’s structure, governing bodies and functioning.

Consult our documents

Corporate Bylaws
In this section you will find the consolidated text of the current Bylaws, which last amendment was approved on March 12, 2021 and registered with the Corporate Registry of Madrid on May 6, 2021.

Corporate Bylaws of MAPFRE, S.A. (PDF, 183 KB)

Regulation of the Board of Directors
Institutional, Business and Organizational Principles of the MAPFRE GROUP
Board of Directors and Delegated Committees
Members of the Board of Directors
Board of Directors (PDF, 123 KB)

Professional profiles of the Board of Directors
Professional profiles of the Board of Directors of MAPFRE S.A. 

Delegated Committees of the Board of Directors
Delegated Committees of the Board of Directors (PDF, 165 KB)