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Madrid 2,136 EUR -0,01 (-0,56 %)

ECONOMY | 03.12.2020

Coronavirus: financial analysis XXXV

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MAPFRE Economics takes part in the Funcas expert panel

The latest panel of analysts of Fundación de Cajas de Ahorros (Funcas) incorporates a reduction in the forecast for the Spanish economy for 2021 as a result of the sharp fall in activity in the fourth quarter of this year. MAPFRE Economics recently joined this group of experts, which comprises a total of 20 leading firms that provide forecasts on GDP, unemployment, inflation and public deficits.

China, the United States and India lead the way in insurance potential, according to the GIP-MAPFRE index

MAPFRE Economics has presented this week its GIP-MAPFRE Global Insurance Potential Index. This index is calculated for 96 developed and emerging insurance markets, and aims to measure the capacity to contribute to closing of the insurable space worldwide, by creating a metric that identifies the markets that offer the greatest insurance potential in the medium- and long-term.

New edition of the online review Economics & Insurance

MAPFRE’s research department has published a new issue of the online review Economics & Insurance, which sports an attractive, new design. In this edition, the MAPFRE Economics team covers a number of topics of interest, including Life insurance and the performance of the Spanish and Latin American insurance markets, as well as articles on the global economic outlook and the insurance sector.

“Taking the longer view”
In a wide-ranging discussion, MAPFRE RE‘s CEO, Eduardo Pérez de Lema, talks about what’s happening in the reinsurance sector with Mark Geoghegan of the The Voice of Insurace podcast. He explains the origins of the company, MAPFRE’s decision to support a reinsurance business unit due to its ability to create value for the Group, as well as MAPFRE RE’s business philosophy and future plans in the current context of great uncertainty, where the market is tightening and contracts are set to be renegotiated in the midst of a global pandemic.

“The time has come to readjust portfolios to position ourselves for a more positive environment”

The world’s main stock markets enjoyed spectacular rallies in November, with Spain’s IBEX35 recording its best month ever. Matellán explains the main factors that have caused this change in trend, which in his opinion will continue. He also offers his recommendations to retail investors, which include maintaining a certain skepticism and critical judgement amid this euphoric environment.