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Contribution with people

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We’re people who take care of people. We want to go beyond our activity, which is why we’re committed to multiplying our contribution to the 2030 Agenda by promoting corporate volunteering initiatives.




Direct beneficiaries


Not-for-profit organizations



21.3 %

of the overall workforce



Impact of corporate volunteering on the SDGs

Identifying our role and the impact of developing, promoting, and implementing corporate volunteering initiatives on society is a challenge for the company, insofar as it produces a transformational impact in every country we operate in.


Our lines of action

  • Contributing to improving the well-being of disadvantaged people and society in general.
  • Nourishing our relationships with the communities we operate in, becoming actively involved as a partner in the welfare system.
  • Reinforcing our internal values and strengthening a participatory culture.
  • Facilitating the participation of employees and their families in voluntary actions as a way of generating a culture that is sensitive to social needs and respects diversity and people in need.
  • Promoting the acquisition of competences that are transferable to the fields of personal and professional life, such as problem solving, taking the initiative, communication, negotiation, teamwork, leadership, interpersonal relations, flexibility, empathy, optimism, and learning.

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