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Good Governance

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Our governance is structured around principles of ethics, transparency, and social commitment to the development of society.

Antonio Huertas Mejías
“We believe in a committed business model that defends the idea that, without ethics, there can be no business, and that all our activities must be executed sustainably”
Antonio Huertas,

Ethical behavior and risk management

The protection of human rights is linked to our internal regulations, adopted at the highest level of the organization, and is expressly detailed in MAPFRE’s Institutional, Business and Organizational Principles, the Code of Ethics and Conduct, and the Sustainability Policy. In addition, we have a specific protection framework in place, namely the Corporate Human Rights Policy, approved by the Board of Directors, which applies to the entire Group and its relationships with third parties. This is reinforced through the commitments undertaken by MAPFRE through its adherence to various UN principles and initiatives.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Our Code of Ethics sets down the guiding principles and policies that govern the company’s performance, in addition to the professional activities of those working on behalf of the company.

Human Rights

Our Human Rights policy is a commitment to the highest international standards, with a view to ensuring they are strictly adhered to across our organization.

Anti-corruption framework

We are a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, and we uphold a firm commitment to avoid bribery, extortion, and other forms of corruption, in conjunction with developing specific policies and programs that directly address the issue.

ESG risk management

We embed environmental, social, and governance issues in relation to insurance operation underwriting processes in our decision-making processes.

Data and privacy

We guarantee privacy and adequate protection of personal data, as we understand that this is essential and must be proactively pursued. Learn more about the prevention and compliance measures.


The Corporate Security Division provides us with advanced knowledge when it comes to increasing the resilience of the company’s digital operations. More information can be found in the Integrated Report.

Whistleblower channels

We have specific channels in place that anybody at the company can use to report unusual situations, ensuring maximum confidentiality at all times.

We have set up two channels:

The financial and accounting whistleblower channel

This mechanism enables employees to confidentially report any potentially significant financial and accounting irregularities they observe within their company to the Audit and Compliance Committee of MAPFRE S.A.

Ethical inquiries and complaints

The Code of Ethics establishes three channels of communication: Internet, accessible to employees and providers, available in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Turkish; postal mail; and email. To guarantee confidentiality, the secretary of the Ethics Committee receives queries and complaints directly.