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Environmental management

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Managing social and environmental impacts is closely linked to our activity.

Our commitment to the environment is embodied in our environment policy, which is the reference framework where our principles for action in this area are generated, promoted, and defined.

We have a strategic integrated management model in place called SIGMAYEc3, based on transparency and continuous improvement. It covers all the activities carried out by the Group in the countries it operates in and constitutes the common framework for managing environmental, energy, and greenhouse gas emissions issues, as well as incorporating the circular economy and natural capital.

Certification objectives 2024

ISO 14001 certification of the companies that accounted for 95 percent of premiums in 2021.

Expansion of the ISO 50001 model to headquarters of international entities (Mexico, Brazil, and Puerto Rico).

Expansion of the ISO 14064 model to three Group companies (Argentina, Dominican Republic and Panama).

Expansion of the Zero Waste Model from the main corporate headquarters to other headquarters by 2024: Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and Puerto Rico.

Our environmental certificates

ISO 14001 certified companies. “General corporate services. Design, development, and marketing of insurance activities”

Our indicators

To learn more about our environmental management, please see our Integrated report.

If you wish to make contact with our Environment area, please write to us at the following e-mail address: