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Madrid 2,266 EUR -0,01 (-0,61 %)

ECONOMY | 06.18.2020

Coronavirus: financial analysis XIV

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The challenge of financial inclusion and microinsurance

Insurance can play a key role in the inclusion process. In this article, Manuel Aguilera, General Director of MAPFRE Economics, explains how microinsurance (insurance aimed at the most economically vulnerable groups) can help to increase the chances that a large segment of society will be able to move up the social welfare ranks.

MAPFRE Economics analyzes the role of Life insurance in the performance of the global economy

Life insurance, in addition to the compensation and personal protection that it provides to policyholders and underwriters against death and retirement risks, plays a central role in the savings-investment process of the economy. MAPFRE Economics studies the main life insurance markets and how public policy varies among them.

Who is Franco Modigliani and what does he have to do with Life insurance

The Italian-American economist won the Nobel Prize in Economics for his “Life Cycle Hypothesis”, which suggests that individuals plan their consumption and savings behavior over their life cycle. MAPFRE Economics draws on these studies to offer a perspective on how Life insurance can be coupled with this capacity to generate savings throughout the life cycle.

A view from Brazil on the importance of insurance

Life insurance is the order of the day. But, as André Serebrinic, Director of Life and Pensions at MAPFRE Brazil explains, there is still a long way to go in Brazil. The penetration rate (ratio of premiums to GDP) remains at 2.1%, whereas in Western Europe this rate is 4.5% and in the United Kingdom it is 8.3%.

“ETFs have their place in the investment world, but I prefer active management”

José Luis Jimenez, MAPFRE’s Group Chief Investment Officer, held a digital meeting with the readers of EXPANSIÓN to try to guide them on where to invest in times of crisis. He offered a series of recommendations, both by sector and by market from a geographical point of view, and emphasized the value of active versus passive management.

ESG – extremely strong gains

Sustainable investments now exceed 30 trillion dollars globally. Companies are learning that applying ESG principles not only boosts their bottom line but also future proofs their long-term futures. Referencing a recent McKinsey study, Donal Ruane examines the five key ESG levers driving value creation.

“Beware of the emotional burden of the market”

Volatility returns to the stock markets, with dizzying rises, but also significant falls. A situation that invites caution, as Alberto Matellan, chief economist of MAPFRE Inversión, indicates in an interview with Radio Intereconomía. The expert comments on the latest macroeconomic data on both sides of the Atlantic and offers recommendations to investors.

Lessons from psychology to understand how we investors make our decisions

While bad news travels fast in the investment world and we tend to react quickly and abruptly, the opposite holds with good news. Luis García, manager of the MAPFRE Behavioral Fund, talks about behavioral finance in this interview with the Behavioral Economics Observatory of the Madrid College of Economists.