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Madrid 1,872 EUR -0,02 (-1,16 %)

Natural Capital

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The rates of both ecosystem destruction and accelerated biodiversity loss are exacerbating the effects of climate change. This demands new metrics that include natural assets as part of an organizations’ decision making. At MAPFRE, we’ve approved the corporate greenhouse gas offsetting strategy. We included biodiversity conservation in our selection of carbon offset projects so that in the near future we will be able to quantify the offset of our environmental impact, both in CO2 and in Natural Capital.

By doing so, we’re ensuring a reversal of our negative impact on the environment.

Restoring ecosystems means preventing, halting, and reversing damage. Not stopping investment, but rather investing in the environment

Initiatives for a green transition

Yearly reforestation actions and cleaning of natural spaces through corporate volunteering on a worldwide level
Quantification of the impact of facilities in Spain and Portugal on natural capital, using the methodology of Brazil’s Lasting Initiative for Earth (LIFE) Institute

Signing of the OCEANA Agreement led by the United Nations to prevent illegal fishing and protect marine habitats

Recovering landscapes, with an awareness campaign in 2020 on the deterioration of natural environments due to waste disposal

“Seeds for change”, with the reforestation in 2020 of 3,658 trees on land with high ecological value

Joining “100 Companies for Forests”, a collaboration since 2017 with WWF Spain for the reforestation of the Doñana National Park

Participation since 2016 in the Protect a Species campaign with WWF, aimed at biodiversity conservation

Collaboration agreements

We have collaboration agreements in place with different biodiversity conservation organizations. 

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