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ECONOMY | 11.09.2020

Coronavirus: financial analysis XXIII

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MAPFRE and Abante join forces with Macquarie to launch a 200-million-euro infrastructure fund

 MAPFRE and Abante, now one year into their strategic alliance, have launched an infrastructure fund of at least 200 million euros with giant infrastructure investment manager Macquarie. This enables the insurance company, which is injecting an initial capital of 50 million euros, to move forward with its strategy of portfolio diversification and gradual expansion of alternative investments.

Everything we have learned in the year of the pandemic
ESG criteria, low interest rates, investment in alternative assets and the search for recurring returns. Eduardo Ripollés, Director of Institutional Sales at MAPFRE AM, analyzes the challenges that the industry faces in the post-pandemic era. In his opinion, managers must demonstrate flexibility, dynamism, originality and, above all, attentiveness.

Boosting pension participation in Europe
Juan Fernández Palacios, Managing Director of MAPFRE VIDA, who contributed to Insurance Europe’s 2019-2020 annual report, makes the case for urgent reform and innovation at national and supranational level in order to maintain and further improve the living standards of European citizens at retirement age.

“It is necessary to increase a little more caution in portfolios”

The step backwards in the achievement of a vaccine against Covid adds another focus of uncertainty to the markets, added to the strong fall of technologies in Wall Street or the greater pressure of the euro. Alberto Matellán analyzes these events, in an interview with Radio Intereconomía, and offers his recommendations for investors.