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Madrid 2,136 EUR -0,01 (-0,56 %)

ECONOMY | 07.02.2020

Coronavirus: financial analysis XVI

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The Fundamental Law of Active Management

Ismael García Puente, investment manager and fund selector at MAPFRE Gestión Patrimonial, draws on the book The Fundamental Law of Active Management by Richard Grinold (1989) to explain a framework that guides us toward those managers who will look after our savings and make them grow over time.

MAPFRE AM and GSI launch a social impact fund with an initial target of 50 million euros to finance companies

MAPFRE AM and Global Social Impact Investments (GSI) are joining forces to provide financing to companies with high social impact in both frontier and emerging markets. They will do so through an open private debt fund, called the Global Social Impact Fund, which will focus on consolidated business models in Sub-Saharan Africa and LATAM.

 “ESG funds are outperforming traditional indices during this crisis”

More return and less volatility is a winning combination offered by funds that invest with ESG criteria. Eduardo Ripollés, institutional business manager of MAPFRE AM, during a round table organized by Funds People, explained the great commitment of the manager to this type of product.

“Business results become the most important variable for investors”

Investors will be watching the accounts presented by companies very closely in the coming weeks, and particularly the guidance they offer on future results. Alberto Matellán, Chief Economist at MAPFRE Inversión, analyses the latest macroeconomic data and offers his recommendations for investors in this complicated context.

Europe’s last push before Merkel’s farewell

Gonzalo de Cadenas-Santiago, Executive Director at MAPFRE Economics, notes in this article published in EL CONFIDENCIAL, that German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the most significant politician of the 21st century, faces a decisive moment before her departure that will shape the way her political career is remembered.