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ECONOMY | 10.12.2020

Coronavirus: financial analysis XXXVI

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MAPFRE AM is the first Spanish funds management company to receive the SRI Label, the most prestigious certification for sustainable investments

MAPFRE AM has received the SRI Label seal, which was created and launched by the French Ministry of Finance, for two of its funds: MAPFRE AM Capital Responsable and MAPFRE Inclusión Responsable. The internationally recognized label is a useful tool for investors when it comes to choosing responsible and sustainable investments.

MAPFRE AM’s push for responsible inclusion celebrates its first anniversary

Just one year ago, MAPFRE AM launched the MAPFRE AM Inclusión Responsable fund, the first fund in the market that focused exclusively on the S of ESG, namely, social. This is a clear example of how financial returns and social returns can go hand in hand. In fact, ESG funds have performed well in the midst of a pandemic despite increased market volatility.

Top three industries for 2021

Javier Lendines, general manager of MAPFRE AM, offers the firm’s forecasts for the coming year. The technology picks (suppliers of equipment for semiconductor manufacturers, IT services companies or payment platform companies), players in the sports sector – often overlooked by the investment community – and insurance companies are among the favorites.

“Central bank intervention reduces the informational value of quotes”

Between October and November, the ECB bought more debt than it issued. This massive injection could drive yields on the Spanish 10-year bond into negative territory, following its neighbors France and Germany. As MAPFRE AM’s chief economist Matellán explains, this massive intervention renders quotes practically devoid of any informational value for investors, which complicates their day-to-day activities.

CIO Interview: Macroeconomics is doomed, but investment opportunities still abound

Mapfre’s group chief investment officer José Luis Jiménez reflects, in a interview with Insurance Asset Risk, on the current economic crisis and points out pockets of opportunity for his team to explore. Jiménez explains, among other topics, that the 2020 crisis was also an opportunity to increase allocations to alternatives. Currently it is at €1bn, with around 60% to 65% of the capital committed.