Madrid 2,17 EUR 0,03 (+1,21 %)
Madrid 2,17 EUR 0,03 (+1,21 %)

Results March 2019

MAPFRE wants its shareholders to have access to the information about the company – results, dividend payments, and relevant events. The Financial Newsletter provides a summary of the most important information about the Group during the period. You can also find the archive of previous newsletters, as well as fill out the form to sign up to receive the newsletter.


MAPFRE’s consolidated revenue in the first quarter of 2019 reached 7.7 billion euros, and the attributable result amounted to 188 million euros, slightly above the result for the same period of the previous year.

Million euros.

Revenue March 2019

The Group’s consolidated revenue reached 7.7 billion euros, with an increase of 5.8 percent, mainly due to the rise in premium issuance and higher financial income. At constant exchange rates, revenue would have grown 6.4 percent.
Million euros.
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Premiums March 2019

Premiums from direct insurance and accepted reinsurance reached 6.4 billion euros, with an increase of 3.3 percent, primarily due to positive development in countries like Spain, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. Spain stands out with excellent growth of 7.9 percent, with solid development in Non-Life lines: Health (5.1 percent), Auto (2.6 percent), and Homeowners (4.7 percent), and above all the Life line which grew 20.4 percent.

The development of premiums is in line with the Group strategy for “profitable growth”, which aims to improve the profitability of mainly Non-Life insurance.

Non-Life premiums grew by 0.7 percent, while Life premiums grew 13.7 percent, with a 6.6 percent increase in Life-Protection in the latter. By Non-Life business type, Auto is the most important line, with almost 1.8 billion euros in premiums. General P&C holds second place, with 1.5 billion euros, and Health and Accidents is in third place with 0.8 billion euros in premiums.

At constant exchange rates, premiums would have grown by 3.9 percent; 1.0 percent in Non-Life and 15.3 percent in Life.

Million euros.
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Combined ratio March 2019

The excellent development of the combined ratio is based on the fantastic behavior in Spain, LATAM and NORTH AMERICA, thanks to the measures implemented within the framework of the profitable growth strategy and the strict underwriting approach. MAPFRE RE’s combined ratio remains at excellent levels despite a large industrial claim in the first quarter of the year.

Net result March 2019

The attributable result reached 188.1 million euros, a rise of 0.6 percent. This result includes:

  • An increase in the Non-Life technical result, with improvements in North America, Brazil, and the rest of LATAM.
  • The fall in Non-Life net financial income.
  • Higher results from the Life business both in Spain as well as Brazil.
Million euros.
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Balance sheet

Balance sheet to March 2019

Total assets reached 71.3 billion euros at March 31, 2019 and grew 5.9 percent compared to the close of the previous year. These changes include increases in Financial Investments and in Technical Provisions, due to the growth from insurance activity and market movements.

The Increase in Shareholders’ equity reflects the improvement in the market value of financial assets available for sale, and the positive development of currency conversion differences, primarily from the appreciation of the US dollar.

Million euros.

Assets Under Management

Solvency II

The Solvency II ratio stood at 190 percent to December 2018, compared to 200 percent at the close of 2017. The ratio maintained great solidity and stability, backed by high levels of diversification and strict investment and ALM policies.

  • High quality capital base: 87% of eligible own funds are Tier 1.
  • “Fully loaded” Solvency II ratio: 173% (excluding impact of transitional measures on technical provisions and equity).
Million euros.
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Strategic Plan 2019-2021

At MAPFRE we are transforming to grow profitably. Digitization and innovation are key for this evolution. Transformation will be ever present in all that we do, acting as a veritable driver across the entire company. Our strategy is based on three pillars: client orientation, excellence in technical and operational management, and culture and talent.

Client orientation

Our team is 100% client oriented. We are committed to a competitive model, which puts clients at the center of everything we do, with the aim of offering an optimal experience at every moment of contact with MAPFRE. We want to know, understand and enhance customer loyalty; increase productivity in all our channels and innovate in products, services and experiences for our clients.

Excellence in technical and operational management

We work to improve our efficiency, adapting our structure to offer an excellent service, with a global, flexible and open technology that enables us to increase our competitiveness.

Culture and talent

Strengthening the commitment of everyone working at MAPFRE, we wish to continue adapting to changes with new skills that allow us to face future challenges.

We continue working to become a benchmark for sustainability. MAPFRE is a group committed to sustainable development and, especially, with the fight against climate change.

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Relevant events

MAPFRE, participates in the financial summit, Spain Investors Day

January 2019

MAPFRE teCuidamos clients have accumulated 1.6 million euros in savings in 2018 in gas stations and insurance policy renewals. This has been possible thanks to the agreement with close to 1,500 service stations all over the country, which offer up to a 5% discount.

Santander Spain and MAPFRE sign an alliance to distribute Auto, SME and Commercial insurance

January 2019

MAPFRE and Santander signed an agreement by virtue of which, until December 2037, the financial entity will exclusively distribute Auto, Commercial Multirisk, SME Multirisk and Third Party Liability insurance from a new company, to which MAPFRE will contribute 82.2 million euros for control of 50.01% and Santander Seguros will be the owner of the remaining 49.99%.

Fitch raises MAPFRE’s insurance financial strength rating one notch

January 2019

The rating agency Fitch has raised MAPFRE’s insurance financial strength rating one notch from ‘A’ to ‘A+’, which translates to better ratings for five Group entities: MAPFRE ESPAÑA, MAPFRE VIDA, MAPFRE RE, MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS and MAPFRE ASISTENCIA. Also, the rating agency has confirmed MAPFRE’s issuer rating as ‘A-’.

MAPFRE AM launches an investment fund based on the economy’s behavior

February 2019

MAPFRE AM recently released an investment fund on the market, the main objective of which is to exploit the inefficiencies caused by the behavior of market players. It is called MAPFRE Behavioral Fund, and it is now part of the portfolio of investment products offered by the MAPFRE Group asset management company.

MAPFRE meets with its shareholders in Barcelona and Madrid to explain the 2018 results

February 2019

MAPFRE held meetings on February 25 and 26 in Barcelona and Madrid, respectively, to explain the key figures from 2018 to its non-institutional shareholders. This is the third consecutive year that MAPFRE has carried out this initiative, with the aim of developing a closer relationship with this collective.

Acuerdo con Puy du Fou para el proyecto de un parque temático en Toledo

MAPFRE launches “Valor Activo”, a Unit Linked product tied to Eurostoxx50

March 2019

MAPFRE launches “Valor Activo”, a single-premium Unit Linked Life-Savings insurance product with a 2-year duration, tied to the development of the Eurostoxx50 stock index.

Acuerdo para actualizar la alianza estratégica con Banco do Brasil

“Transforming ourselves for growth and improved profitability” MAPFRE’s new strategic plan for the next three years

March 2019

At its Annual General Meeting, MAPFRE presented the Group’s new strategic plan for the 2019-2021 period, under the slogan “We’re transforming ourselves for growth and improved profitability”. This plan is underpinned by client orientation, excellence in technical and operational management and in human talent and culture, with transformation driving all these pillars, and focusing on the two cornerstones driving Group activity: the client and business profitability.

Acuerdo para actualizar la alianza estratégica con Banco do Brasil

MAPFRE closes a bancassurance agreement with Actinver in Mexico

March 2019

MAPFRE closed a strategic alliance in Mexico with the wealth management company Actinver, which allows MAPFRE to continue growing in this market. The agreement includes the exclusive sale in the Actinver channel of all the bancassurance products the insurer has in the country.

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Dividends and Shareholders

MAPFRE continues creating value for its shareholders

The Board of Directors approved a final dividend for 2018 of 0.085 euros gross per share, which will be paid on June 25, 2019. With this, the total dividend paid against 2018 earnings reaches 0.145 euros gross per share, which implies a payout ratio of 84.4 percent.

Share Performance

MAPFRE – IBEX 35 – Stoxx Insurance

Share price evolution: January 1, 2019 – March 31, 2019

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