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 “Intergenerational experience is essential for nurturing talent”

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Fostering a ‘proaging’ culture that promotes coexistence and collaboration among multigenerational teams is key to sustaining a healthy work atmosphere.

JULIA INAREJOSJulia Inarejos, an Administration and Finance technician at MAPFRE RE, who joined the company in 2007 as a receptionist before transitioning to the accounting department, where she remains today after 17 years of continuous learning, challenges, and growth, sees it that way. Today, we’re talking with her about the importance of inclusive culture within companies to maximize the use of all available talent.

Spain boasts one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world. Do you think enough emphasis is placed on the importance of Generational Diversity?

There’s a growing discourse surrounding generational diversity, and notably, the insights of older individuals are gaining greater recognition. At the corporate level, businesses are increasingly valuing senior talent for their extensive professional careers. This demographic often serves as the primary conveyors of a company’s culture and values, leveraging their accumulated experience and knowledge. I believe the conversation about generational diversity is gaining traction, which is undeniably a positive development.

Five different generations coexist at MAPFRE, fostering a rich exchange of knowledge and experiences. Can you recall an experience that illustrates MAPFRE’s inclusive culture positively?

Certainly. One notable example occurred during my participation in courses at the Training Center. There, I had the chance to engage with colleagues under 40 years old who showed significant interest and support towards me, providing ongoing assistance and guidance. This experience made me feel fully integrated, as their enthusiasm for learning mirrored mine, despite our age gap. I also noticed a genuine admiration for my energy and eagerness to pursue further education.

This taught me that intergenerational collaboration embodies an open-minded approach, free from age-based limitations or biases.

This mutual learning not only enhances communication across various departments but also enables us to grasp technical nuances, ensuring we deliver the best products and services tailored to each client’s needs. In an environment that prioritizes personal connections, such positive interactions significantly contribute to the business’s overall growth and success. 

Last year, MAPFRE topped the IBEX 35 ranking of companies showing the most genuine and long-term commitment to senior talent management, according to the Haz Foundation. How do you view MAPFRE’s dedication to this commitment? As an employee, how does this make you feel?

It’s truly heartening to see the company investing in the valuable potential of senior professionals, who, despite nearing the end of their careers, remain eager to contribute. One of MAPFRE’s notable achievements, in my opinion, is its implementation of a model centered on continuous learning, regardless of age. This approach is a crucial tool in sustaining our motivation to pursue ongoing education, particularly evident through its dedication to innovation, which provides all employees the opportunity to enhance their technological competencies.

In what initiatives, opportunities, or even in the culture have you seen this commitment to Senior Talent reflected?

One memorable initiative for me was the organization of off-site workshops, where employees from different age groups and departments mingled. These gatherings provided a platform for me to connect with colleagues, sharing diverse experiences and challenges, which broadened my understanding of the company. These events cultivate a distinct atmosphere of collaboration and solidarity in the workplace. 

You joined the company 17 years ago and have gone through various departments since. How do you perceive MAPFRE’s commitment to promoting internal talent, regardless of age?

In 2007, I joined MAPFRE RE as part of the reception team, where I spent 10 years. In 2018, I requested a transfer to the accounting department after completing training I had done while still working. This enabled me to broaden my network and reach my professional goals, thanks to the opportunity MAPFRE gave me. Internal advancement always yields positive outcomes, fostering the exploration of new realms and ongoing development of our creativity.  

How important do you think it is for employees to prepare for retirement?

Many within my social circle are nearing retirement. Preparing for this significant life change requires dedication and effort, as it involves more than just adapting to a slower pace of life. Ultimately, we’ll be navigating a new landscape encompassing various social and psychological aspects. At MAPFRE, we benefit from specific programs tailored to this phase, along with support from the Ageingnomics Research Center at Fundación MAPFRE, which gives us tools to address the financial and social challenges associated with retirement. 

Experience is key to developing talent. What message would you like to convey to those overseeing programs for seniors at MAPFRE? What about your colleagues?

Intergenerational experience is essential for nurturing talent. The effort invested in organizing such initiatives pays off, enabling us to exchange different viewpoints and bolster personal connections, essential for fostering a positive workplace atmosphere. Cultivating a collaborative environment where everyone feels appreciated and comfortable is important. Ultimately, our happiness and satisfaction in our work matter most.