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INNOVATION| 13.12.2022

The technology behind caregivers’ well-being

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ANA Paz Mental was the winning project in the 5th edition of the Fundación MAPFRE Awards for Social Innovation, in the health and digital technology category. We spoke with Ariel, creator of an online service platform that supports caregivers, care agencies, and family members of people with chronic and degenerative diseases. Fundación MAPFRE, in collaboration with IE University, has launched the 6th edition of the Social Innovation Awards. The aim is to recognize new projects that can demonstrate value in terms of their positive impact, high capacity for social transformation, and potential to improve people’s lives. Learn more here.

Taking into account the hope Mexican people have to reach their final years with a high quality of life, the increase in human life expectancy, and the greater longevity of people in the region, Ariel and Manuel developed ANA – Paz Mental, the tool that seeks to care for those caregivers who are invisible because they don’t belong to the health system and, for this reason, lack social security benefits, especially in emerging countries.

After having close experiences with care for people in need of permanent assistance, Ariel and his partner have seen firsthand that exhaustion among assistants is too widespread, as they continuously perform strenuous activities, are constantly moving, and have no organization to support them and give them information on how to improve their own working conditions.

This is how the idea came about for the winning project in the latest edition of the Fundación MAPFRE Awards for Social Innovation: ANA stands for Automated Nursing Assistant. The initiative is already the largest caregiver agency in Mexico, with more than 10,000 users, dedicated to addressing the problems mentioned above.

“Basically, what we did was work hand in hand with caregivers (who we internally call “lights”), family members, patients, physicians, and healthcare teams currently on duty with the aim of acquiring an in-depth understanding of the challenges and needs they all have. Little by little, we created an operating system in the company that, together with computer programs designed to efficiently manage resources, allows us to solve the problem of the lack of knowledge and misinformation about some diseases,” said Ariel, Cofounder of ANA – Paz Mental.  

Through training for caregivers, management for agencies, monitoring for physicians, and telemedicine service for patients, ANA is committed to modernizing the industry and connecting everyone that is part of a person in need of a caregiver’s life. In turn, all this allows its Lights and any primary care staff to report relevant patient data in real time, so that medical specialists can monitor the patient’s condition on a daily basis and help both the Light and the family make better treatment, stimulation, and care decisions.

In addition, thanks to the advances and discoveries made by its creators, ANA generates daily and monthly reports to ensure the correct implementation of pharmacological and general care plans. It also helps to provide the physician with accurate information to make better decisions and perform both physical and cognitive progress metrics to improve the design of the stimulation plan.

With the purpose of providing accurate information to all family members who require the help of a caregiver for their loved ones and to respond quickly to the specific needs of patients and their relatives, ANA – Paz Mental continues to open doors to apply new knowledge throughout Latin America.

Being part of the Innova Network, the community of entrepreneurs created by MAPFRE, which encourages the exchange of knowledge and access to various channels for the promotion of projects, will help ANA to continue growing, both in the home market and in new markets, as well as to develop the various plans for expansion to other countries.  

As for Mexico, ANA will continue to make progress on its software development, on adding more lights, and on furthering their training, thanks to the different partnerships that are being formed with governmental organizations, so that this great social project can continue to improve over time.