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Strategic Plan 2022-2024

The world is in constant transformation, and we want to have a leading role in it. We’ve designed a new Strategic Plan for the 2022-2024 three-year period, a plan that also features a new philosophical framework. We’ve adapted our business vision to better fit the reality of the company that we now are.

The current complexity of the world and of the insurance business means we need to make profitable and quality products and services available to our clients. We’re underlining the very core of what we are, which is being the trusted insurer for our clients and other stakeholders.

Our values serve to guide us in everything we do; they’ve been the hallmark of our group since our foundation. 

  • Our solvency, both from a financial and resource point of view, so as to be able to respond to all our commitments and strategies.
  • Integrity: building business relationships on fairness and transparency, and zero tolerance for any practice not compatible with full respect for human rights, equality and effective inclusion.
  • The desire to offer an excellent service guides all our activity in satisfying customer expectations.
    Innovation is the lever to differentiate ourselves; it helps us develop the most appropriate solutions.

Our purpose is to be by your side, accompanying you so that you can take assured steps forward, helping to build a more sustainable and caring society. In short, at MAPFRE we care about what matters to you.
The pillars on which the new Strategic Plan2022-2024 is based are: sustainable, balanced and profitable disciplined growth; improvement of internal efficiency and greater momentum in the transformation already underway.

These are our objectives:


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