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MAPFRE, one of the leading companies in reducing emissions

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MAPFRE has been included in The Financial Times list of 300 companies that have made the biggest contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in recent years. One more example of #PlayingOurPart.

MAPFRE has been ranked among the top 300 companies worldwide that have reduced greenhouse gas emissions between 2014 and 2019. The ranking was compiled by the British newspaper, The Financial Times, in collaboration with research company Statista.

MAPFRE is joined in the list by 23 other Spanish companies, including Acciona, Bankinter, RENFE and Indra Sistemas. Top of the pile is British fashion firm Superdry, which managed to cut its emissions by more than half over the period.

Today, the biggest driver of global warming is carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the major greenhouse gases, mainly linked to the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas.

Carbon neutrality in 2021 and 2030

For years, the company has been fully committed to the decarbonization of the economy, a key part of its commitment to sustainable development.

MAPFRE’s Sustainability Plan 2019–2021 contains specific objectives, such as ­becoming a carbon-neutral company at the international level by 2030. Specifically, that objective will be achieved in Spain and Portugal this year, which will technically offset 61 percent of the MAPFRE Group’s greenhouse gas emissions.

It also highlights the company’s public commitment not to invest in companies where 30 percent or more of their revenue comes from coal-produced energy, and not to insure the building of new infrastructure related to coal mines or thermal power plants, among others.

Further challenges

MAPFRE is currently working on a new Corporate Environmental Footprint Plan. It successfully completed its previous one, through which the company managed to cut emissions by 56 percent — almost triple the expected reduction.