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How do I know if I have a “good” job?

Jorge Ratia

Jorge Ratia

Professional satisfaction does not come exclusively from a good salary, but also from quality relationships and a positive work environment, work-life balance, security, stability and an inclusive organizational culture.

In adulthood, we spend approximately one-third of our time sleeping. Another third is dedicated to leisure and the last third to work. It is a distribution that, when analyzed closely, reveals the importance we place on each of these dimensions. On the one hand, we often seek optimal rest with a comfortable mattress, a silent environment, a light dinner… On the other hand, we enjoy free time by cultivating quality relationships and engaging in activities that enrich us as people. The same is true for work, which is why we want to have a “good” job. However, what is “good” in a world where everyone has their own perspectives and priorities? Although the answers may vary according to personal experiences and aspirations, there are common elements that are usually associated with the quality of work.

At MAPFRE we know and manage these elements effectively, and proof of this is that the Randstad Employer Brand Research report has designated us as the most attractive company to work for in the insurance sector. This is the result of a study conducted from more than 163,000 surveys in which workers value aspects such as salary, work-life balance, a pleasant work environment, job security, and opportunities for professional development.

The most relevant element, although not always for everyone, is usually remuneration. However, remuneration does not only mean a fair salary, but also bonuses, benefits such as medical insurance, PTO and retirement plans. A good salary is far from sufficient for a job to be enjoyed and appreciated by an employee.

Another point is interpersonal relationships, considered by most employees to be one of the main keys to well-being. It is extremely important to maintain a positive work environment, open communication, respect, emotional support and opportunities for both personal and professional development. This can greatly improve the perception of job quality. Likewise, the possibility of balancing work responsibilities with family ones, security, work stability and flexible working hours. In this regard, MAPFRE España has received the award granted by the Top Employers Institute, which certifies the company’s commitment to excellence in its work spaces through best practices in human resources and people management policies.

Along these lines, MAPFRE España has various global and local recognition programs that assess the contribution to the implementation of the strategy, the achievement of extraordinary results, the resolution of significant events, innovative contributions and professional trajectory. In 2023, 19,990 employees in 19 different countries participated in the different recognition programs and more than 5,400 employees were recognized in the different programs.

One last component of a “good” job that deserves attention is the organizational culture: a company that values diversity, inclusion, ethics and social responsibility can significantly improve job satisfaction and the perception of job quality. This is one of the dimensions that MAPFRE is most proud of, as everyone in the company has their place to give the best of themselves. For example, 42.5% of managerial positions are held by women and the pay gap currently stands at 0.9%, which represents a notable advance. In addition, it has Women’s Leadership networks in Mexico, the United States, Brazil, Peru, Turkey and Spain with the objective of promoting initiatives on gender diversity through inclusive dialogue spaces.

The Randstad Employer Brand Research report has named MAPFRE as the most attractive company to work for in the insurance sector

Specifically, MAPFRE España holds the EFR certification granted by Fundación Másfamilia with the endorsement of the Ministry of Equality. This certification, recognized by the UN, is one of the greatest recognitions in terms of work-life balance and equality in Spain today. This award, together with the rest, are the result of the company’s firm commitment to diversity, as it has been implementing initiatives for years to promote an inclusive and equitable workplace.

Along the same lines, they have carried out an exhaustive analysis of generational diversity in human resources processes, with the aim of guaranteeing equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of their age. They have also implemented a program to reinforce digital capabilities, with the participation of numerous mentors, demonstrating their commitment to training and professional development. During 2023, 7,621 employees from around the world have completed MAPFRE’s Global Disability Program Seeing without Labels, an initiative that seeks to promote labor integration and promote an inclusive environment.

Another fundamental aspect of MAPFRE’s strategy is the integration of people with disabilities into the workplace, which currently represent 3.5% of the workforce. At MAPFRE, we recognize the importance of including anyone regardless of social labels, as they all contribute to enriching work teams. Therefore, we are committed to positioning ourselves as a benchmark for inclusion at a global level. People are at the center of all company actions and their participation is essential to build a more diverse, inclusive and sustainable society.