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Our commitment to making inclusion for people with disabilities a reality

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At MAPFRE we’ve got insurance for anything that could happen to you, but we also focus on #PlayingOurPart to stop the things that we can prevent from happening.

This is the spirit with which we present our campaign “Called to play our part”, sharing our ambition with our employees and our customers and inspiring society to rise up to global challenges that demand a collective response, such as inclusion for people with disabilities.

By joining forces, we can bridge gaps

Facing discrimination of any kind, whether it be based on gender, age, disability, nationality, sexual orientation, or race, is something that thousands of people experience on a daily basis, but this doesn’t mean that we should treat it as something normal, or resign ourselves to the idea that it can’t be avoided and just accept it. At MAPFRE we know that global challenges require collective responses, and we want to do our small part to bridge the gaps that separate us.

That’s why we’re totally committed to driving labor inclusion for people with disabilities: we’ve scaled up our objective, with 3.5% of our workforce staffed by people with disabilities, as we strive to be a company that truly reflects the society we are all a part of.

“At MAPFRE we’re deeply committed to the people with disabilities community and their labor integration. We believe that companies should not only generate exclusively material wealth, but also ethical and, above all, human wealth, something that undoubtedly generates a positive impact on people and allows us to move forward in an area as important as reducing inequalities” (Anastasia de las Peñas, corporate manager of Employee Experience)

More than 1,000 employees with some kind of disability are developing their professional careers at MAPFRE today. The vision of what we want to achieve, however, inspires us to be more ambitious and to keep moving forward. That’s why we’re also including #PlayingOurPart, to promote labor integration for our employees’ family members.

One example is Fundación MAPFRE’s Together We Can program, where we build an inclusive culture that brings about tangible results, which demonstrate the type of transformation we are pursuing. Since 2010, more than 5,200 unemployed people with intellectual disabilities and mental illnesses have benefited from the program. In 2021, 558 candidates were hired, and 382 not-for-profit organizations and companies joined the program.

Beyond the figures, each individual and family has a story of how they strove and overcame, reminding us that people are what drive us and inspire us to keep on working.

The social commitment at the heart of MAPFRE

Our social commitment is, and always has been, our raison d’être. MAPFRE’s purpose is focused on protecting and caring for people, so these objectives allow us to contribute firsthand to building a fairer, more prosperous, and more sustainable world. But we also make our business activity a part of this, making a positive impact with our own products and services.

“I think companies play a key role, due to our ability to transform and to make an impact. People aim for a better and more inclusive world, and we need to show society that it is possible to generate value and make a positive impact while also bringing in good economic results” (Anastasia de las Peñas, corporate manager of Employee Experience)

One example is our product Socially Responsible Investment, which MAPFRE AM uses to identify financially profitable companies that are also committed to integrating people with disabilities into the labor market. That way we make a positive impact on this community’s social integration, while also offering high profitability in a long-term time frame.

Sustainability at MAPFRE and #playingourpart

At MAPFRE we’ve spent over 80 years contributing to social development with our business model, as an insurance company and as investors. Sustainability has always been a part of the company’s strategy, because we believe that companies should be an engine of change for society, in terms of social equity and cohesion.

Our Sustainability Plan 2022-2024 is the framework that guides all our actions, though we know that we can’t bring about all the changes we’re pursuing by ourselves. That’s why we want to use our sustainability vision to contribute, inspire, and collaborate, so that no one’s left behind.

#PlayingOurPart, our sustainability slogan, demonstrates this perspective, because we believe that every little bit helps to bring about change. We want to be a part of this, with commitments that let us continue making social and environmental progress, as well as with a larger number of sustainable services and products, and proper governance.

There are many challenges ahead, especially in these times where inequalities and social divides have become more apparent. For this reason, we want to continue reflecting on how to do things differently. We have the opportunity to do this, and by taking small but forceful steps, as we’ve already done, we’re sure that we’re getting closer and closer to a new, sustainable future where total inclusion of people with disabilities will be a reality.