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Madrid 2,138 EUR -0,04 (-1,84 %)

INNOVATION | 31.01.2022

Talent hype and cultural transformation: People as the driving force for change

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The rise of digitalization and the advances of new technologies have accelerated the need to change and adapt. In the midst of the era of digitalization, where technology and work methodologies are evolving non-stop, organizations and large companies such as MAPFRE, which is present on six continent, seek to preserve talent and to establish effective change management with people in mind.

All transformation takes place through people: they make the difference and drive change.

In this episode of code insur_space, Marcos García Cuadra, a telecommunications engineer and currently HR partner at People Excellence, talks to Joan Cuscó, global director of Transformation at MAPFRE, about what trends are ongoing and the obstacles being faced: not on the road to success, but on the road to survival.

As innovators, they abound in “hype.” These are trends that were quite promising and that, because they were so widely used or because they were fads, often lost their value, but which, in turn, if well used, are essential to achieving a transformation in people and organizations.

Today, 77% of business leaders believe that it is necessary to train workers in new skills (reskilling) and professionals are increasingly looking to work in companies that are committed to their development. Agile Methodologies have been, in some cases, lowered to the point of thinking that it is enough to put post-it notes on a blackboard to consider them applied, without going into the when or why. Essential “soft skills” like empathy, creativity or team work have gained ground. It is important to ask to what extent we can find opportunities to develop them through disruptive methods.

Reskilling, soft skills, Agile methodologies or diversity are some of the topics of interest that Marcos García Cuadra and Joan Cuscó discuss. The point is to anticipate upcoming changes in a scenario that is as dynamic as it is challenging.