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INNOVATION| 04.08.2024

Exploring the future of insurance: MAPFRE at Insurtech Insights Europe 2024


Simon Hayes

Managing Director, NextGen Communications

Insurtech Insights Europe, based at the O2 London, once again proved to be an inspirational gathering for industry pioneers, thought leaders, and disruptors alike. With 6,000 insurance and Insurtech people attending, and two days full of insights, networking opportunities, and interesting discussions, this event continues to be a highlight for the insurance and technology sectors.

The insurance industry, no stranger to calculating risk, is facing its most profound changes in years. Hot topics, naturally, included AI and in particular Gen AI, but other technologies were also under the spotlight, with more than 400 expert speakers from around the world sharing their insights on Cyber, Internet of Things, embedded insurance, data analytics and other emerging technologies.

Insurtechs, insurers, investors and more attendees have spent two days analyzing the present and future of the sector from all kinds of points of view. Inspiration and innovation were the common ground for all, as well as the search for new possibilities to continue creating a positive impact for society through insurance.

Discussions fuelled by insight

Amidst the bustling atmosphere, MAPFRE unveiled its latest research report, titled: Exploring tomorrow: the role of insurers in a society marked by Generative AI. The initiative, which was first presented to the press and influencers at a VIP breakfast briefing, aims to explore the potential impact of Generative AI on society using scenario planning methodologies, offering a glimpse into the future of insurance.

Barbara Fernandez, deputy director (Disruptive Innovation) and head of Insur_Space, MAPFRE, later took to the main stage to share the key insights gained from the study. Her presentation provided a comprehensive overview of the findings, shedding light on the transformative potential of Generative AI within the insurance landscape.

Insurtech Insights Europe 2024

Barbara Fernandez, deputy director (Disruptive Innovation) and head of insur_space at MAPFRE

The look to the future was a refreshing new angle to the AI conversation, which for most during the event focused on use-cases for AI, and Gen AI in particular. Hot topics, as expected.

MAPFRE also used the event as an opportunity to engage with the media, offering them exclusive access not only to the report, but also insights into the company’s innovative approach and strategic vision. These discussions showcased MAPFRE’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, highlighting the collaborative efforts driving progress.

Shaping the future of insurance

As the insurance industry continues to evolve in the face of technological advancements and changing consumer expectations, events like Insurtech Insights Europe serve as critical touchpoints for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and collective growth. For MAPFRE, it’s not just about staying ahead of the curve – it’s about shaping the future of insurance through continuous exploration, experimentation, and adaptation.

Insurtech Insights London 2024 may have end, but the conversations sparked, and connections forged during these two days will undoubtedly reverberate within MAPFRE, and throughout the industry for many months to come. As we reflect on the event’s success, one thing is clear: the journey towards innovation is making strides, and MAPFRE is at the forefront of that progress.