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INNOVATION| 19.07.2023

MAPFRE leaves its mark at ITC DIA Barcelona 2023 and shines with innovation

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For the second consecutive year, MAPFRE’s innovation team attended one of the key events in the insurtech sector, ITC DIA Europe, whose 2023 edition was held in Barcelona. Featuring two panels to present two reports, with a keynote and a round table, and hosting a stand full of activities with the main industry players, MAPFRE was the star of the event.

Held on June 28th and 29th at the FIRA in Barcelona, ITC DIA Europe Barcelona 2023 saw an attendance of 1,800 representatives from more than 50 countries from all over the world, and we at MAPFRE could not miss it. Attending the event as platinum sponsors, we made our presence known with two panels and a keynote, and took part in a round table, capitalizing on the event and staking our claim as the leading brand in attendance.

During the two days we had a delegation of more than 10 people on site with the aim of promoting innovation at MAPFRE:

  • Corporate: Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Cobos, Global Head of Innovation; Bárbara Fernández, Deputy Director of MAPFRE Open Innovation; Carlos Cendra, Scouting and Investment Lead; Mercedes Fernández Escribano, Deputy Corporate Director of Data Analytics; Esther González, Innovation Expert; Paloma Casero, Innovation Technician; Juan Francés, Deputy Director of Communications; and Ángela Puga, Innovation Communication Specialist.
  • MAPFRE Spain: Mónica García Cristóbal, Head of Transformation; Juan Cumbrado, Head of Innovation; and Ubaldo González, Spanish CDO.
  • Savia: Pedro Díaz Yuste, CEO.



Panel and presentation of study on responsible AI


From left to right: Octavio Egea, Adriano Koshiyama, Bárbara Fernández, Luis Aranda. Source: ITC DIA.

In line with MAPFRE’s concern and interest in Artificial Intelligence and its risks, MAPFRE Open Innovation has conducted a research to understand, assess, monitor, and mitigate these risks in order to deploy AI responsibly and to lay the foundations for the role of the insurance industry in this context.

This research is found in the report Responsible AI: Safe and Trustworthy Technology Driving the Future Economy, available here, a document presented to the media at an exclusive press lunch on the first day of ITC DIA 2023. In addition, the report’s main conclusions were analyzed and discussed in the panel of the same name that took place on June 28th, moderated by Octavio Egea, VP of Innovation, Strategy, and Design at frog, part of Capgemini Invent, with the participation of Bárbara Fernández, Deputy Director of MAPFRE Open Innovation; Luis Aranda, Artificial Intelligence Policy Analyst at the OECD; and Adriano Koshiyama, CEO of Holistic AI.

Presentation on disruption as a purpose


Mónica García Cristóbal. Source: MAPFRE

Mónica García Cristóbal, Head of Transformation, MAPFRE Spain, also took the stage.

Monica captured the attention of the audience by sharing her vision on the concept of ‘Disruption as a Purpose,’ a topic that has become essential to addressing the challenges facing the insurance industry. She also spoke about the three principles of MAPFRE Open Innovation when it comes to putting purpose at the heart of industry transformation, as well as disruption as one of the top items on companies’ agendas.

Panel and presentation of the study on the state of insurtech worldwide


From left to right: Lorenzo Chiavarini, Carlos Cendra, Jeroen Meijers, Stefano Bison and Lluis Viñas. Source: ITC DIA

MAPFRE also launched the third edition of ‘The State of Global Insurtech 2023 report, in conjunction with DealRoom, Mundi Ventures, NN Group, and Generali.

Available here, the report analyzes the state of insurtech worldwide with the aim of providing transparency through qualitative data and insights into the current state of the sector. The document includes worldwide data, and analyses the state of venture capital investment, the current main unicorns, and where the sector is currently focusing its attention.

To further elaborate on the findings, a panel was held on the main stage of the event. This 30-minute session was moderated by Lorenzo Chiavarini, Director of Venture Capital Research at Dealroom, and was attended by Carlos Cendra, Scouting & Investment Lead at MAPFRE; Lluis Viñas, Head of Investment at Mundi Ventures; Jeroen Meijers, Director of NN Ventures in the NN Group; and Stefano Bison, Corporate Director of Business Development and Innovation at Generali.

Interviews with the most important players in the industry

At MAPFRE’s stand, we had a set to hold interviews and a professional recording team who, over the two days, conducted 14 interviews with some of the main startups in the insurtech environment, as well as global leaders in the sector and our own experts at MAPFRE.

Visit the landing page of ITC DIA Europe Barcelona 2023 to find the full interviews:

  1. Florian Graillot, founder and partner of astorya.VC.
  2. Hartmut Mai, President of Cyberwrite
  3. Rob Schimek, CEO of bolttech
  4. Yago Sánchez Quintas, General Manager of Control Expert for Spain and Portugal
  5. Adriano Koshiyama, CEO of Holistic AI, and Luis Aranda, Artificial Intelligence Policy Analyst at the OECD
  6. Carlos Cendra, Scouting & Investment Lead at MAPFRE, and Lorenzo Chiavarini, Head of Venture Capital Research at Dealroom
  7. Omar Najid, CEO and co-founder of Docline, and Pedro Díaz Yuste, CEO of Savia
  8. Matías Gordillo, CEO and co-founder of Kinsu
  9. Laia Romero, CEO of Lobelia Earth
  10. Bárbara Fernández, Deputy Manager of MAPFRE Open Innovation
  11. Mónica García Cristóbal, Head of Transformation at MAPFRE Spain
  12. Jonathan González, CEO and co-founder of Raincoat
  13. Lluís Viñas, Head of Investment at Alma Mundi Ventures
  14. Sabine VanderLinden, insurtech expert and CEO of Alchemy Crew