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INNOVATION | 07.10.2024

How can artificial intelligence assist you on your upcoming vacation?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasingly important tool in planning and enjoying vacations. It allows travelers to receive personalized recommendations, optimize their itineraries and find the best offers in real time. In this article, we go over some aspects of how this innovation can assist you during your summer vacation.

When analyzing an enormous amount of data, such as the preferences of the person making the query and other users' reviews, AI can propose destinations and activities adapted to the tastes and needs of each person. What does the user gain when organizing a vacation with AI? Fundamentally, it saves significant time and effort during planning, but most importantly, it enhances the overall vacation experience by ensuring that every detail is perfectly organized.

In fact, travel planning platforms such as Google Travel already use AI to offer suggestions for destinations when during research. These tools identify patterns in user searches and reservations, providing recommendations based on their interests and travel habits. Thus, if a user frequently searches for beach destinations and outdoor activities, AI can suggest destinations such as the Canary Islands or the Caribbean. Furthermore, AI can alert travelers to changes in flight and accommodation prices, allowing them to take advantage of the best offers and plan their trip more efficiently and economically.

With the help of AI, vacations become more personalized, and the user avoids most of stress that comes with planning.

We're going on vacation with AI: organization and planning

AI algorithms are designed to create itineraries that meticulously match travelers' interests and budgets.

These solutions analyze a large number of options and select the activities, restaurants and attractions that best suit the user's preferences. For example, a traveler interested in history and culture will receive a proposal that includes visits to museums, historical monuments and cultural events. Furthermore, algorithms allow for real-time adjustment of itineraries and adaptation to unexpected changes that may arise as a result of adverse weather conditions or variations, thus minimizing any feared setbacks.

AI also plays a fundamental role in searching for and comparing flight and accommodation prices, always finding the best offers available in real time. Virtual assistants (e.g., Google Assistant, Siri or Alexa) have become powerful allies during a trip and provide useful information about the destination and resolve real time questions. They can recommend nearby restaurants, report on local weather and even translate sentences into other languages, thus producing a more enriching and stress-free travel experience.

Other uses throughout the trip

AI-based “motor” translation tools have revolutionized the way travelers communicate overseas. Applications such as Google Translate and DeepL allow texts and conversations to be translated in real time, facilitating interaction with locals and overcoming language barriers.

In what context can a translation tool be used? Imagine you are lost in a city and want to get directions back to the hotel, or imagine you want translate the menu at the restaurant or even place an order using a real-time translator.

Travel and assistance insurance

Having good travel insurance is essential during a vacation abroad.

Good insurance covers medical emergencies, flight delays, cancellations and baggage loss. MAPFRE is a leader in this area thanks to the wide coverage of its policies and excellent customer service.

MAPFRE virtual assistants

MAPFRE also uses advanced virtual assistants to offer immediate help and solve problems when traveling. Agents are available 24 hours a day to provide quick and efficient answers for their policyholders' queries.

For example, in medical emergencies, they can guide vacationers to the nearest health center and manage coverage of medical expenses.

Telemedicine and medical prescriptions at destination

Telemedicine and online doctor visits are especially useful when traveling in a country you don’t know and whose language you probably don’t speak. A video call with a doctor from your country of origin, immediately and in your language, can provide initial guidance, prescribe the necessary medication and offer a preliminary diagnosis.

MAWDY, the MAPFRE Group’s assistance unit, includes a medical prescription service at the destination, allowing travelers to receive the prescription directly on their mobile phone, signed by a local healthcare professional, and purchase the medication at the nearest pharmacy. In addition, thanks to the location of services, travelers can consult the location of facilities such as pharmacies or hospitals, as well as their hours and contact numbers.

In conclusion, the use of AI to plan and enjoy vacations offers many advantages, such as personalizing itineraries, optimizing routes and searching for the best offers on flights and accommodations. In addition, virtual tools and assistants provide constant support, improving the travel experience and reducing stress, both when planning and while enjoying the trip.