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HEALTH| 07.12.2022

Telemedicine as a tool for well-being in the company

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Market-leading companies have long been taking steps to meet the needs and expectations of their employees. These companies stand out for preserving corporate well-being; i.e., the physical and mental health of their teams, by providing benefits at their offices such as corporate medical services.

Some of these companies go a step further by adopting the latest trend in medicine, telemedicine, which provides the proximity of a doctor, but with the convenience of being able to contact them right from your home, office or wherever you happen to be.

In this context, MAPFRE’s innovative proposition is Savia, a tool that offers personalized plans for companies and quality medical services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How does Savia improve corporate well-being?

Savia focuses on immediacy, availability, prevention and personal health management through people-centered care plans. MAPFRE wants to lead the market in this new landscape, and that’s why it created Savia: a digital platform for flexible and dynamic health services, aimed at helping users manage their own health and that of their families.” Pedro Díaz Yuste, General Manager of Savia, in an interview with the Barcelona Health Hub (BHH) association during the Mobile World Congress 2022.

Savia has different company subscription plans available that benefit both the employee and the company by providing tax breaks, motivating employees, enhancing the work environment and increasing positive feelings toward employability.

“The corporate digital health solution aims to service what companies are most concerned about: the good health of their employees. Accordingly, Savia provides emotional health services, nutritional health, telemedicine services, prevention services and protection services. Savia enables companies to offer an always-on service to their employees, working for their well-being. It also provides greater agility when it comes to preventing illness, thereby significantly reducing absenteeism.”

One of Savia’s most sought-after services is its psychology service, which offers video consultations at any time and place with a mental health specialist. According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 12 billion working days are lost each year worldwide due to depression or anxiety, because mental health is not given the importance it deserves. That’s why it’s so important to provide employees with good care and psychological support, and the ability to immediately connect remotely in critical moments of stress can avoid aggravating the problem.

Savia also promotes healthful habits to ensure complete wellness with nutrition and training consultations, as well as a well-being service with daily health and physical activity advice pills.

Is telemedicine really a new invention?

While it’s true that telemedicine has been booming since the COVID-19 pandemic, when medicine had to adapt quickly to a new reality, in a previous dispatch we told you how technology had helped facilitate the evolution of home-spitals, offering quality service without leaving the comfort of your home. 

Health is a field that is no stranger to changes in perspectives and in day-to-day needs, in how we seek immediacy, ease and personalized service in everything we need. As employees, services like these, such as those offered by Savia, can become a key element in our relationship with the company. From the employer’s viewpoint, being able to anticipate potential problems and offer this well-being will deliver returns in terms of talent retention, in efficiency and in the company’s employer branding.

At MAPFRE we continue to work and innovate with projects such as Savia to provide you and your family with the best service in all areas, because we care about what matters to you.