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HEALTH| 25.02.2022

Díaz Yuste: “We launched Savia with forecasts that we have surpassed two years early”

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MAPFRE is participating in the MWC, which starts on Monday, February 28 in Barcelona, with a focus on Health and Innovation


One of the main lessons we learned from the global pandemic was the need for flexibility and to resolutely orient services and solutions to meet people’s needs. Pedro Díaz Yuste, CEO of Savia, made these points during an interview by Barcelona Health Hub (BHH) of its members.

MAPFRE’s digital health services platform has reinforced telemedicine services (video consultations, chats with specialists and a symptom checker), a new product category (online Covid tests), and in-home medical services (more than 9,000). Additionally, it features improved Mental Health video consultations for more than 20 disorders, and a voice-activated app for users to measure their blood oxygen level on their smartphones. Savia’s results in the last three years are a reflection of how successful this initiative has been: more than 380,000 users and 75,000 customers.

Pedro Díaz Yuste will participate on Monday, February 28 in a Barcelona Health Hub panel on Digital Health Trends in the Insurance Environment, together with Aline Noizet, founder of Digital Health Connector; Javier Rodríguez, Head of Life & Pensions at Zurich; and Fernando Botrán, founder and CEO of Osigu. The panel will be moderated by BHH ambassador Elena Torrente.

MAPFRE will be present, with the support of Barcelona Health Hub, on the 4YFN platform at the Mobile World Congress 2022, the world’s largest technological event. This edition returns to face-to-face normality after the pandemic, bringing together an estimated 60,000 participants from 150 countries.

“People will be able to manage their health on their smartphones in the future”

In the interview, Díaz Yuste reveals that MAPFRE is participating in the MWC because innovation is part of the company’s DNA. “MAPFRE was brave enough to implement Savia, a disruptive initiative in the Digital Health landscape (…) which has already had the results we were expecting to see in five years, after only three years since its launch.”

“In the future, we believe all these trends that the pandemic has triggered will accelerate. We envision a future in which people will manage their health on their phones and other connected devices, seeking the best solutions to their needs, whatever they may be, and as they change from one moment to the next,” he concludes.