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Madrid 2,276 EUR 0,03 (+1,16 %)

HEALTH | 22.10.2020

The Villa Elisa Hospital in Paraguay provides a new opportunity for Fundación MAPFRE to get involved in combating COVID-19 

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Beds, infusion pumps and monitors were provided to the specific wing for COVID-19 patients at the Villa Elisa Hospital in Paraguay, thanks to the aid that Fundación MAPFRE has recently donated to the country.

Previously, the Foundation provided 4,000 protective suits, 50,000 surgical caps, 5,000 visors, 50,000 surgical gloves, 50,000 shoe covers, 50,000 surgical masks, 30,000 KN95 masks, 5,000 eye protectors, 23,700 gowns, among other products. These donations were given to the Paraguay Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare to fight COVID-19.

In addition, biosafety materials and disinfection supplies were delivered to care homes for the elderly and children in the country to help minimize the risk of infection to the most vulnerable sectors. Deliveries of 50 units of disinfection products were also made to schools as a means of increasing hygiene.

All these measures form part of the organization’s international aid plan — through which it has taken action in 27 countries since the pandemic was announced. This global plan has a provision of 35 million euros; it enables donations to be prioritized and efforts to be channeled toward the most affected groups.


The company’s representative in Paraguay, Pierina Pumarol, third from the left in the image, has publicly welcomed this new opportunity to “be part of the solution.

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