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Madrid 1,843 EUR -0,01 (-0,27 %)

ECONOMY | 25.02.2022

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The consequences of the Russian attack for the markets and the economy 

The team from MAPFRE’s investment area and MAPFRE Economics, the Group’s research arm, analyzed the consequences that this armed conflict is going to have for the markets and the economy. 

How to start saving and investing

In a turbulent context, investors are looking for ways to protect themselves and at the same time find opportunities. The experts at MAPFRE Gestión Patrimonial give some tips on how to dip your toe into the world of investment and make your savings work for you.

Sustainable values: the opportunity presented by new regulation

The lack of regulatory mechanisms in the ESG framework has led to greater arbitrariness. Javier Miralles, a fund manager at MAPFRE AM, believes that committing to a taxonomy is the right strategic fit to bring sustainability to our portfolios.

MAPFRE AM: a leading management firm for medium-term returns

Spanish publication El Economista has highlighted the growth of asset managers, making special mention of MAPFRE AM which, in the last three years, and in a context marked by the pandemic, “produced a weighted return on assets of 15.80%”.

Cyber terrorism and cyber war: facing down the invisible enemies

A state-sponsored cyber attack could cause losses too large and uncertain for insurance alone to absorb. MAPFRE explain that the process of change, which is being undergone by governments and companies, will have profound consequences related to digital transformation.

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