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Madrid 2,346 EUR 0,01 (0,34 %)

ECONOMY | 10.02.2022

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A look ahead at the U.S. stock market

Beyond the current risks that could scare U.S. indexes, Jonathan Boyar, CEO at Boyar Value Group, believes that now is the right time for investors to look for good opportunities in the stock market for the long term and to look at “attractively valued companies”.

Several fronts opened up to investors

The geopolitical crisis in Ukraine, persistent inflation or the rise in commodity prices are just some of the factors that, according to Alberto Matellán, chief economist at MAPFRE Inversión, investors should take into account when assessing their portfolios.

Insurance: a springboard for the prosperity of humanity since the dawn of time

The first seeds of what we now all know as insurance were in fact sown almost 4,000 years ago, with trust acting as the cornerstone. In this article, MAPFRE takes a look at the evolution of insurance and explains how it has played an influential role in development of civilizations down through the ages.

MGP’s recommendation: patience in the midst of stock market turmoil

Some doomsayers are wondering about the arrival of an eventual economic recession. However, Ismael García Puente from MAPFRE Gestión Patrimonial, is keen to clear up doubts about a possible catastrophic scenario and points out some factors that give cause to be optimistic, despite market volatility.

MAPFRE raises earnings by 45.3 percent to 765 million euros in 2021

Group revenues were up by 7.2 percent, exceeding 27.3 billion euros. All the Group’s regional areas and business units contributed positively to earnings: Iberia, Brazil, North America and RE drove the growth in 2021’s earnings results.

The MAPFRE Group returns to pre-pandemic dividend levels: 14.5 euros per share

The Board of Directors has agreed to propose to the Annual General Meeting a final dividend for the 2021 fiscal year of 8.5 euro cents per share, gross. The Group has paid out a total of 416 million euros in shareholder remuneration over the course of 2021.

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