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TRUST| 23.11.2021

The best “red threads” in film

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Movies offer a number of examples of how support from loved ones is fundamental when facing any challenge.

If anything has been a canvas for society over the past century, it would have to be film. Cinema has been a mirror in which millions of people have seen themselves reflected, and that is still true today. It’s no wonder that film studios and critics have always marketed it as a dream factory. And even if that definition is accurate, it may seem a bit unfair, because what the silver screen portrays for viewers is really just humanity. Relationships between people are the true driving force behind not only movies, but any story that has been told since the Greeks invented theater (or even before). 

That’s why film is a reflection of the experiences that all kinds of people face every day. And this concept is linked to our #MAPFRETrust, campaign, which takes a look at all the people behind every individual achievement, that is, those who serve as fundamental pillars along one’s life path, leading to the achievement of an objective. 

And so, we have decided to revisit some of the movies that perfectly illustrate how the support of a loved one, to whom we are bound by the famous red thread, is fundamental to meet our desired goals, no matter what they are.


The legend of the “Red Thread”

This legend, rooted in Eastern mythology, claims that the gods tie a red thread around those who are predestined to meet in life to have an important experience together. Moreover, that thread will never break. It may wear out or stretch, but it will never be broken. 

This legend is so popular that it even inspired an Argentine film of the same name (The Red Thread) about the unstoppable attraction that a man and a woman feel for one another, even after spending half their lives apart and forming their own respective families. 

Without a doubt, it’s a very romantic legend, and people often refer to it from the perspective of romantic love, like in that movie. However, that red thread apparently exists not only between two people who are romantically attracted, but between those who are destined to be important to one another, forging a union that will last forever. 

Regarding movies whose characters form relationships that strengthen trust, enabling them to overcome any challenge, we have selected examples from a wide range of genres. But, as is the case in life, there are many more.

Little Miss Sunshine

This little movie became one of the surprise hits of 2006 thanks to an outstanding cast and a delightful story. In it, a tween (Abigail Breslin) wants to participate in a beauty pageant that she has no chance of winning. Despite it all, the support of her family—made up of people with lots of personal problems that they don’t know how to handle—will be essential to get the little girl to the event. Not surprisingly, the result is not what they expected … or maybe it is, because it shows that she only needs the unconditional support of the people who love her, those who are guiding her as she matures.

The King’s Speech

Starring Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush, this film is a good example of two people who are destined to meet. And thanks to that meeting, King George V of England (played by Colin Firth) manages to overcome his stutter and give a critical speech before his country’s imminent entry into World War II. The film, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture, focuses on the professional relationship and friendship between the monarch and his speech therapist, which is based on the trust they have in each other despite their social differences.

Lord of the Rings

Even a fantasy trilogy swarming with all kinds of magical beings is founded on personal relationships, which allow the pure evil incarnated by Sauron to be defeated. The real stars are beings who seem smaller and weaker: the hobbits. Because of the trust and unwavering loyalty of one of them, Samsagaz Gamyi (Sean Astin), the hero of the movie manages to bring the Ring of Power to Mount Doom to destroy it. And, although at times it may seem like their knees are shaking, the thread that unites both characters never breaks. Sam truly believes in Frodo (Elijah Wood), a sentiment that fuels him and allows him to complete his mission.


In 1990, a story based on real events made its big-screen debut, a film with powerful performances by Robin Williams and Robert de Niro as a doctor and a patient with encephalitis lethargica, better known as sleeping sickness. In the movie, the doctor is researching a drug that manages to “awaken” patients for a period of time. It is then that a strong relationship is forged between the two characters, based on the patient’s trust that his doctor’s work will produce the desired results.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty (played by Ben Stiller) is a man living a dull life while working at Life magazine. However, he has a wild imagination that makes it hard for him to relate to others. As the plot unfolds, he discovers two red threads that will transform his tedious existence. On the one hand, he falls in love with a work colleague (Kristen Wiig), whom destiny puts in his path. And, on the other, he is the magazine’s contact with one of its star photographers (Sean Penn). Although they have never met in person, they have a stronger bond than he thinks. So much so that they will end up meeting in the most remote mountain location and taking the most incredible photo. It’s a true ode to life.

The Untouchables

A wealthy man who becomes a quadriplegic after a paragliding accident (François Cluzet) meets a young Senegalese man who becomes his personal assistant (Omar Sy). They have nothing in common and are even at different phases in life. However, their relationship will be beneficial to both of them, and they’ll forge a friendship that will somehow connect them forever.

“Begin Again”

Begin Again is a second-chance story in which a formerly successful music producer (Mark Ruffalo) meets a heartbroken young woman who is more talented than she realizes (Keira Knightley). A song, a beer and a bar will bring them together for the adventure of recording an album that will heal both their wounds. In this case, their red thread will be the undeniable power of music, and the trust they build in one another will be what drives them to meet their challenge.

Silver Linings Playbook

This is another of those films with traumatized characters who need to get out of the pit they have sunken into. The two main characters (Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence) are essentially outcasts in their community due to their controversial past. However, the support they give each other and the challenge of entering a dance competition helps them to overcome all the fears that are holding them back.

Good Will Hunting

We’ll wrap up our list with another film starring Robin Williams. Here, he plays the professor who becomes the anchor who will help a young prodigy (Matt Damon) to reach his full potential. The trust he will inspire in the boy (who works as a janitor and doing odd jobs) is the only thing that will allow Damon’s character to leave his comfort zone and undertake new challenges more in line with his abilities.