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MAPFRE is the IBEX 35 company that most actively promotes a proageing culture and promotes teams from five generations

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It leads the transparency ranking for the third straight year in the Career and Senior Talent Report 2023

      • The insurance company stands out for promoting the talent and well-being of its 8,495 employees over 50, 28% of its workforce.

      • MAPFRE sets itself apart in promoting generational diversity and eliminating any age-related discriminatory behavior.
      • The company’s Ageing project in Spain aims to maximize internal talent regardless of age and prepare people for their transition to retirement.

For the third straight year, MAPFRE leads the IBEX 35 ranking of companies for its “firm commitment to the senior group,” as per the sixth edition of the “Career and Senior Talent 2023” report, which analyzes how senior talent is managed by publicly traded Spanish companies.

The insurer obtained the highest score of the IBEX 35, with 24 points, and stands out for its recognition of generational diversity and the elimination of any exclusionary or discriminatory conduct for age-related reasons. It is also notable for contributing to the generation of a pro-ageing culture, where coexistence and the promotion of multigenerational teams are encouraged as key elements in improving competitiveness and project innovation, something that, according to the company, everyone can contribute to, and which facilitates knowledge transfer from experienced senior staff to younger employees.

The report, prepared by Fundación Haz, analyzes 15 senior talent indicators, such as generational diversity, hiring and promoting, well-being among employees, participation in multisector initiatives, the percentage of multigenerational teams and the accompanying measures promoted by companies during the retirement of their senior employees.

The Ageing Project: a best practice example

The report highlights the best practices aimed at promoting a society that is more engaged with senior professionals. These include the Ageing project that MAPFRE is developing in Spain with the objective of consolidating a workplace that leverages all available talent, regardless of age. The initiative is currently executed under three lines of action that revolve around promoting senior talent, supporting people in the transition to retirement and affording them greater work flexibility. 

Employee well-being

This year’s report features a new indicator that evaluates the social and labor environment of the companies analyzed with segmentation by age group, with MAPFRE also standing out as a company with the highest levels of engagement when measuring employee well-being, both in the younger and senior groups. 

Senior talent: highly experienced professionals

“Organizations are responsible for providing a workplace in which all employees can give the best of themselves over the course of their entire working lives. Without a doubt, being able to count on senior talent is one way to boost organizational effectiveness. They are highly experienced professionals who have dedicated many years of their professional lives to creating, managing, transforming and growing our companies, and are clearly the ones who best convey the company’s culture and values,” says Anastasia de las Peñas, MAPFRE’s group head of Employee Experience. 

Multigenerational environment

The company’s workforce comprises five generations and counts 8,495 employees over 50, representing 28% of the global workforce. 

MAPFRE’s main challenges in this area are to continue promoting inclusive coexistence, facilitating the transfer of knowledge between generations, leveraging the strengths and capabilities of all available talent regardless of age, and implementing work models that respond to the current needs of employees.