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FINANCE | 01.26.2021

MAPFRE AM’s strategy in Europe and Latin America

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In an article published by AGEFI (L’Agence économique et financière — a French financial media outlet), the asset manager takes stock of its strategy and states that, one year after the launch of the MAPFRE Inclusión Responsable Fund, it reiterates its investment theory: “inclusive companies create long-term value.”

José Luis Jiménez, MAPFRE Group Chief Investment Officer, looks back over the achievements of the asset manager’s strategy: 40 million euros under management as a “multi-asset boutique,” a presence in France with a 25 percent stake in La Financière Responsable (LFR) and how it is now “open to new opportunities for growth in the French market if we encounter a small or medium-sized asset manager that fits in with the AM model.”

MAPFRE Asset Management has become the first Spanish manager to receive the prestigious SRI Label, created and sponsored by the French Ministry of Finance and awarded to sustainable investments. The philosophy of responsibility and sustainability is in MAPFRE AM’s DNA, and it therefore favors companies and organizations that meet environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) criteria. A good example of this was the launch of MAPFRE Capital Responsable, as well as the Good Governance Fund.

MAPFRE AM’s international perspective is complemented by its vocation for the distribution of funds in the United Kingdom, where several companies are interested in ESG funds and in the MAPFRE Behavioral Fund in particular, which is a mutual fund based on behavioral economics. Looking beyond Europe to America, the manager has already established a strategic alliance with Boyar AM, and has plans to begin distributing its funds in Latin America.

José Luis Jiménez is satisfied with how partnerships developed by the group in recent years have evolved, such as its alliance with LFR in France, Boyar in the USA, Macquarie in the area of Infrastructure, Altamar in Private Equity, and its strategic partner Abante, with whom it hopes to jointly develop new projects this year.