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Hybrid cars and eco-friendly motorcycles help reduce Mexico’s carbon footprint

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MAPFRE updates its fleet of vehicles in Mexico to provide an environmentally friendly service

MAPFRE has expanded its fleet of hybrid cars in Mexico to guarantee clients a more sustainable service that doesn’t contribute to the carbon footprint.

In Mexico City, where high pollution levels affect the quality of life of 22 million people, all vehicles providing services to clients are already hybrid. This year, 51 eco-friendly vehicles have been introduced to the Mexican fleet in the country’s major cities, reducing CO2 emissions by 80 tons a year.

“We are very proud to be taking this kind of step because, as well as improving the service with the help of new vehicles, it will have a reduced impact on the carbon footprint. As a socially responsible company, MAPFRE Mexico will continue to look for ways to improve through greener services,” says Dennis Gabriel Ordoñez, the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

Moreover, since last year, the company has invested in upgrading its fleet of motorcycles—which has grown 30 percent as part of the drive to use this kind of transport—to more fuel-efficient models. This means of reaching the client enables greater agility and helps reduce traffic in cities.

By purchasing all these new units—already serving the country’s clients—MAPFRE Mexico is establishing itself as a leading company in safety, innovation and respect for the environment.

Committed to sustainability

Sustainability is a concept that MAPFRE has believed in and acted on for almost 90 years with the aim of helping to build a better present and future through group effort. The Sustainability Plan 2019–2021 develops this commitment in a clear way based on three dimensions—environmental, social and governance—and on a business strategy centered around responsible investment policies and an approach to risk selection based on the low-carbon economy. In this way, the company has made progress with its public commitment to become a carbon neutral company worldwide by 2030.