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Madrid 1,852 EUR 0,01 (0,54 %)

HEALTH | 07.16.2020

Fundación MAPFRE allocates new item in São Paulo for ventilators and beds

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Fundación MAPFRE has already donated 2.7 million euros (more than 16 million Brazilian real) for projects in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais to combat the pandemic.

It is now contributing new resources (670,000 euros) to the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo and the São Paulo Santa Casa de Misericordia charity to produce ventilators and purchase ICU equipment and hospital supplies in one of the cities most affected by COVID-19.

Fundación MAPFRE also made a donation to Santa Casa de Misericórdia for the purchase of 200 hospital beds, 50 advanced stretchers, 10 hemodialysis machines and 10 portable reverse osmosis machines (these make hemodialysis feasible), with some of the equipment destined for pediatrics.

“This was the only way we could take action in a situation as complicated as this one,” explains Fernando Pérez-Serrabona, the country’s Fundación MAPFRE representative.

Worldwide, Fundación MAPFRE has made more than 35 million euros available to support actions directed at needy families, hospitals and medical centers in 27 countries.

Doacap: good fortune for those providing support

In Brazil, MAPFRE is helping develop humanitarian institutions that have also seen their resources depleted by the pandemic, by launching “Doacap,” a premium philanthropy capitalization bond. The first to benefit from the transfer of part of the sales will be the Campinas Maternity Hospital (SP) and Casa Durval Paiva (Natal-RN).

Doacap bonds can be purchased online or at points of sale from Lio de Cielo machines in their respective cities. Each buyer can check to see if they have winning numbers in the client area of the product’s website, ensuring security and transparency for consumers and companies benefiting from the aid. Draws will be held once a month and the first one will take place on July 15.

For Casa Durval Paiva, Natal-RN, each unit costs 1.7 euros (10 Brazilian real) to raise 17,000 euros after taxes. As for the Campinas Maternity Hospital (SP), each bond unit costs 2 euros (12 Brazilian real) to raise 20,600 euros (net).