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Madrid 2,136 EUR -0,01 (-0,56 %)

HEALTH| 19.10.2020

Fundación MAPFRE makes another contribution in Brazil to provide food and support prevention efforts in light of COVID-19

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Three Brazilian organizations are receiving a donation of more than 175,000 euros to protect the most vulnerable people who have been hit the hardest by the pandemic. With this latest donation, the company’s contribution to the people of Brazil amounts to some three million euros.

Fundación MAPFRE has also donated more than 175,000 euros (1.15 million Brazilian reales) to institutions that provide support to those affected by the pandemic. The funds—which amount to about three million euros for the country—will cover the cost of basic food baskets for people with low incomes or who are unemployed as a result of the pandemic situation, as well as diagnostic testing.


“Our activities and funds are focused on actions that help minimize the effects of the pandemic, whether through donations to acquire hospital facilities, help families in need and support prevention initiatives,” explains Fernando Pérez-Serrabona, the company’s representative in the country.

The three institutions receiving this aid are the Diocese of Santo Amaro, Arsenal de la Esperanza and Fiocruz, the latter for the assembly of a laboratory on a boat to promote the prevention and reduction of virus transmission among the populations living along the Amazon River.

Fundación MAPFRE’s aid plan has made more than 35 million euros available to support actions to combat the effects of the pandemic worldwide.