Madrid 2,17 EUR 0,03 (+1,21 %)
Madrid 2,17 EUR 0,03 (+1,21 %)

ECONOMY | 25.03.2022

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Which countries have done the best job managing the pandemic?

MAPFRE Economics has created a new indicator called the Effectiveness of Pandemic Management Rate (IEGP), which measures how effectively countries are coping with the global pandemic. It analyses the importance of robust health systems and early warning systems, among others.

Social Impact Funds: an investment alternative to make the world better

Did you know that putting your money into certain investment funds means that medical supplies to combat COVID-19 can be purchased? Or that buying into a fund like this can improve the quality of life of workers in a company in Rwanda? Social impact funds, which MAPFRE has been committed to for some years now, make it possible to produce financial returns while contributing to improving society.

Invest in sport or behavioral finance?

Biases, under the umbrella of behavioural economics, play a key role in investment decisions. Unfortunately, many investors neglect sectors such as sports whose characteristics nevertheless fit their search parameters.

Inflation and war hit household consumer spending

Although it is not yet possible to speak of shortages, the reality is that the current scenario is harming not only end consumers but also companies, whose activity is being affected by the lack of supply of some products, the price of oil and transport problems, among others.

Could Dotdash Meredith compete against big-tech companies?

Jonathan Boyar, CEO at Boyar Value Group, discusses with Neil Vogel, Chief executive Officer at the largest digital and print publisher in America, about how Dotdash, which is included in the MAPFRE AM Forgotten Value Fund portfolio, now have the scale to effectively compete against big-tech companies.

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