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Madrid 2,198 EUR 0,03 (+1,2 %)

ECONOMY | 18.03.2022

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Central banks stick to their road map despite war

The current context has not prevented both the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve from continuing with their plans to put the brakes on monetary policy: while more interest rate hikes in the US are expected this year, analysts doubt whether Lagarde will end up raising them in 2022.

Insurance, management’s financing pillar and driver of business growth

From the moment a person takes out an insurance policy and pays for it until the time that money is used to settle a claim, a considerable amount of time could elapse. So, what exactly do insurance companies do with the money that they collect up front in premiums?

The ten key moments from the Annual General Meeting

The presentation of the new Strategic Plan and the Sustainability Plan and the show of support for Ukraine were some of the highlights of MAPFRE’s 2022 Annual General Meeting, which was attended by MAPFRE’s directors, senior management and shareholders.

China steps up to the new global economic context

The bounces in Asian and European stock markets clearly illustrate that the risks prevailing in the current economic scenario are not easy to control. If the conflict spreads, it could lead to double-digit inflation in Europe.

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