Madrid 2,164 EUR 0,03 (+1,31 %)
Madrid 2,164 EUR 0,03 (+1,31 %)

ECONOMY | 27.01.2022

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Geopolitical tension elevates global risks

The conflict between NATO and Russia could have immediate effects on the economy. This and other challenges such as the climate crisis or the new Omicron variant form part of the global risk map for this year.

The markets keep an eye on diplomatic crisis

Analysts are already discounting the turnaround in monetary policies and the latest macroeconomic data in the market. However, they haven’t yet been able to determine the impact that the geopolitical conflict is having on the stock markets.

MAPFRE Economics forecasts 4.8% growth in the global economy this year

The MAPFRE Group’s research arm, in its latest Economic and Industry Outlook report, delays the economic recovery and points out that the upturn in inflation, supported by the energy and commodities crisis, will continue to condition future central bank decisions.

Climate phenomena, cybersecurity will be top insurance risks in 2022

Some observers believe that 2022 will be marked by natural catastrophes and the climate crisis, factors that pushed insured losses during the first half of last year to their highest levels in a decade.

What does the rise in euro area bond yields mean for the economy?

“Not so low real rates or a bit higher nominal yields are not only more positive for the pension and insurance industry, but in general, they are less distorting for economic decisions of all agents.”

What is the future of the Nasdaq after last week correction?

“We continue to believe that value will outperform growth in the medium to long-term, not only on a relative basis, but also -and much more important- by producing a positive absolute return.”

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