Madrid 2,138 EUR -0,04 (-1,84 %)
Madrid 2,138 EUR -0,04 (-1,84 %)

ECONOMY | 13.01.2022

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Market unknowns for this year (headline)

How long will inflation keep rising, what will the central banks’ roadmap be, and what’s the outlook for the energy sector? Alberto Matellán and Daniel Sancho answer these and other questions about things that will mark the year’s economic agenda.

José Luis Jiménez (Group Chief Investment Officer): “The dichotomy between recovery or slowing inflation will be the key this year”

Beyond questions about how to address the risks associated with the pandemic, MAPFRE’s group chief investment officer is confident that there will be a normalization in central bank policies, although 2022 “may be complicated if there is an abrupt change in expectations.”

Luis García: how to invest in European soccer through Value Investing

In an interview on The Wall Street Lab podcast, Luis García, fund manager at MAPFRE AM, highlights the importance of behavioral economics and the commitment to well-managed companies with healthy P&Ls to generate long-term profitability.

Why does measuring consumer confidence help the economy?

Companies seek to generate consistently better returns on their activity and grow their customer base. Understanding consumers’ reactions and perceptions is key to correctly anticipating and meeting their needs.

The data suggests we could be at peak inflation” 

Although the latest figures on price levels follow the upward trend of recent months, Alberto Matellán clarifies that the next three months will be crucial in shaping this year’s macroeconomic scenario.

Will this be a good year for equities?

The markets have surprised experts like Ismael García Puente, because they’re showing signs of behaving rationally at the beginning of the year. Against this backdrop, what’s the outlook for the American and Spanish stock markets?

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