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ECONOMY| 30.04.2021

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MAPFRE Economics expects a 6% rebound in the world economy due to the deployment of fiscal and monetary stimulus

After suffering in 2020 the largest economic contraction since the Second World War (-3.3%), MAPFRE’s Research Department includes in its Panorama Económico y Sectorial report an improvement in forecasts for this year, although it points out that the fiscal space of main countries may run out over the upcoming months.

Has the ghost of inflation come back to haunt us?

The world’s main economies have seen an increase in price levels since the end of last year. MAPFRE Economics explains how future macroeconomic scenarios could be conditioned by doubts on whether the generalized inflation rises are temporary or if they are here to stay.

The US and Europe: a two-speed recovery

Whether it’s down to the vaccination campaign, the determined fiscal effort or Biden’s stimulus plan, the latest growth forecasts for the United States have taken many people by surprise. The Economic and Industry Outlook report from MAPFRE Economics points out that the differences between both sides of the Atlantic could grow if the next set of data confirm the upward trend in the American economy.

MAPFRE RE boosts profitability in its results

MAPFRE’s reinsurance and Global Risk unit, within the framework of the presentation of the company’s Q1 results, returned net earnings of 32 million euros, after reporting a loss of 29 million euros for the same period last year. MAPFRE RE also managed to boost premiums by 12% in the first three months to 1.59 billion euros.

Could a pandemic be an insurable risk? Only through public-private

There are certain risks related to Covid-19 on which the private insurance system cannot cope with, and that are directly dependent on government decisions to approve mobility restrictions. It is therefore necessary to explore ways of collaboration between the public and private sectors to prepare for and respond to this type of problems.

Why do mexicans receive the smallest pensions in Latin America?

The concern of society for the future of pensions has become a topic of debate in Latin America, and particularly in Mexico, which has one of the lowest replacement rates on the continent. Experts believe that consumers’ lack of knowledge about savings and retirement products is a determining factor in the current scenario.

“Perceptions of Europe and Latin America will improve from June onwards and the Ibex will benefit”

The pace of the vaccination program and high incidence levels in Europe in April seem to have been conditioning the attempts of the Spanish index to overcome resistance. In an interview on Radio Intereconomía, Alberto Matellán, MAPFRE Inversión’s chief economist, reviews the current market situation and advises retail investors not to be tempted to take on more risk.

“Olympique Lyon is better than any infrastructure asset”

Cinco Días, a leading Spanish daily newspaper, interviews MAPFRE AM fund manager, Luis García, to find out why the MAPFRE AM Behavioral Fund has invested nearly 25% of its portfolio in companies in the world of sport, including several football teams that stand out for having stable balance sheets, little debt and healthy revenue diversification.

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