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COMPROMISE| 01.12.2020

The Verti umbrella for vulnerable people in Germany

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In recent months, especially during the pandemic, Verti Germany has worked to provide a safe haven to help those most in need. 

Ever since the company’s beginnings it has focused on corporate social responsibility measures, regardless of their scope. Its main CSR-mission, it states, is to assist institutions that carry out commendable work, such as local food banks or organizations that work to provide better future prospects for homeless children. Verti Germany as a company has been and will continue to be willing to lend a hand whenever it is needed. It is dedicated to creating trusting and lasting relationships that foster reliable and sustainable support, and seeks out actions that positively impact socially vulnerable people.

These are the main ways the company has provided support during the COVID-19 pandemic:


Berlin City Mission

Berlin City Mission, one of Germany’s most important homelessness organizations, issued a local call for donations in September and Verti’s workers in Germany stepped up to the plate. Among the items desperately needed were clothes, blankets and sleeping bags. The organization helps those who lack shelter in the cold winter months. There are more than 10,000 homeless people in Berlin, while there are only around 4,000 temporary homes available to address this emergency. Verti collected backpacks and warm clothing, among other necessities, and employees donated clothes from their own closets or from family members, as well as new items, hygiene products and ready-cooked food for those most in need. Christopher Schummert, a member of the company’s Corporate Communications and CSR team, delivered the donations, which were welcomed by social workers.

Food bank

Verti Germany also delivered snacks and scarves to several local institutions, including food banks and an association that helps children living on the streets. The pandemic makes it very difficult for these organizations to continue their work. It comes with several challenges, such as fewer items being donated and fewer helpers available to hand them out, as many belong to at-risk groups.

In addition, over the past few years, Verti Germany has maintained a close relationship with the Haus Pius foundation, a foundation that has centers for the protection of minors and young people between 3 and 19 years of age, which provides them with a safe place to grow up and receive support in a family environment. Traditions such as a summer party, pre-Christmas cookie baking evenings, and a large Christmas gift initiative, as well as ongoing smaller donations or joint activities such as Volunteer Day have become an important part at Verti for a great Quantity of employees. Thanks to a virtual team relay race, with which Verti Germany collected donations, it was possible to organize a short vacation in which the children could get out of their routine and enjoy nature.