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COMMITMENT | 14.01.2021

Building a more humane future

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Fundación MAPFRE launches television campaign to promote the community values demonstrated by MAPFRE during the pandemic and in these difficult times.

The campaign’s central concept of solidarity seeks to shine a light on the importance of helping one another. For Fundación MAPFRE, “Building a more humane future” means continuing to trust in people and in the power of coming together to help one another.

The theme of people helping each other and working together is central to the work that Fundación MAPFRE has carried out over the past 45 years in more than 30 countries worldwide. In the past 15 years alone, Fundación MAPFRE has provided more than 700 million euros to the benefit of more than 60 million people through its projects.

The motto “Building a more humane future” underscores the importance of human values, which are fundamental to overcoming crises and ensuring an innovative and sustainable future.

For 45 years, Fundación MAPFRE has been working to improve the lives of millions of people across more than 30 countries. This is largely made possible thanks to volunteers who have shown their commitment and, above all, their solidarity with and humanity toward others. 

Fundación MAPFRE’s team of more than 10,000 committed volunteers has made many of these solidarity projects a reality. This is reflected in the campaign’s magical story, where a volunteer teaches a young girl the vital importance of helping others. 


Why this motto?

Building because Fundación MAPFRE has been committed to society for 45 years.

More humane because this reflects the campaign’s DNA: people caring for one another.

Future because it is innovative.

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