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HEALTH  | 08.10.2020

Fundación MAPFRE increases donations to older people in the Dominican Republic 

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The aid provided by Fundación MAPFRE to the Dominican Republic—valued at around half a million euros—concludes in a delivery of more than 200,000 pieces of health and personal protective equipment to two care homes in Nagua and Higüey.

Fundación MAPFRE has donated personal protective equipment and healthcare equipment to the María Trinidad Sánchez Los Discípulos y Misioneros del Amor y de la Paz care home in Nagua and the Divina Providencia care home in Higüey, to contain and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Fundación MAPFRE has given this particularly vulnerable group more than 200,000 units of surgical masks, boxes of latex gloves, antibacterial gel and liquid soap, chlorine, disposable gowns, wet towels and dispensers, among other protective products.

Zaida Gabas Requena, the Fundación MAPFRE representative in the country, said she felt “grateful for the opportunity to help and support the country during these hard times being experienced across the globe.” “We need to work hand in hand with society in general and all productive sectors to overcome this situation as quickly as possible, without neglecting hygiene and prevention protocols in older adults, who are the most vulnerable to this illness,” she said.

With this delivery, Fundación MAPFRE is supplementing the donations it has already given to the country, where it has delivered personal protective equipment and medical equipment to the Ministry of Public Health for medical and nursing staff in Dominican National Health System hospitals. It has also delivered personal protective equipment for residents and service staff at the Hogar de Ancianos San Francisco de Asís in Santo Domingo and 28,800 PCR diagnostic tests, which were funded together with BHD León.

These measures form part of a global plan amounting to 35 million euros to which Fundación MAPFRE has been committed from the outset in an effort to fight the pandemic around the world, prioritizing the most disadvantaged groups and helping to alleviate the consequences of the pandemic.

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